Hydrogen Refueling Station Simple Fuel SF-35-20

by PDC Machines, LLC

  • This compact refueling solution is ideal for smaller vehicle fleet operations or indoor installations, e.g. for material handling vehicles in warehouses.
  • Simple Fuel SF-35-20 has a nominal daily capacity of 20kg H2 per day
  • PDC serves customers globally. Headquartered in in the US and sales offices in Germany, Japan, China and South Korea.
  • We are the #1 supplier of gas compressors for automobiles, bus and material handling fueling market with over 600 compressor installations worldwide and counting.
  • Hydrogen refueling station fuel uses water and electricity to generate high purity hydrogen. They compress, store and dispense hydrogen to 350 or 700 bar.
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Hydrogen refueling station simple fuel

  • SimpleFuel  is an on-site hydrogen generation, compression, storage and fueling appliance that uses water and electricity to produce high purity fuel cell-grade hydrogen.
  • SimpleFuel converts 3.8 gallons of filtered water into enough hydrogen fuel to fill one hydrogen powered vehicle to travel over 360 miles.
  • A consortium of technology innovators comprised of PDC Machines, Ivys Energy Solutions, and McPhy North America make SimpleFuel™ a cost effective, safe and reliable fueling solution aimed at addressing specific needs of the hydrogen infrastructure in automotive and industrial mobility applications.

Key benefits

  • Protecting the environment and building a stronger economy: The SimpleFuel™ team believes strongly in energy independence, reducing pollution, increasing energy efficiency, creating a cleaner environment, and building a stronger economy through the use of clean, renewable sources of energy. SimpleFuel™ will further the growth of a hydrogen infrastructure around the world by providing a convenient alternative fueling option for global consumers that adopt zero emission fuel cell electric vehicles.
  • Ideal for warehouses and small fleet vehicle operations: SimpleFuel™ is a cost effective fueling solution with a small footprint that can make FCEV’s more accessible to customers in warehouses, community centers, municipalities, small businesses and similar locations. Furthermore, The SimpleFuel™ appliance generates hydrogen onsite, increasing convenience and allowing indoor installations eliminating the need for hydrogen delivery, and can top off a tank in a few minutes.
  • Experience in system integration, compression and electrolysis: The SimpleFuel™ team brings decades of industry experience in system integration, compression and electrolysis. PDC is the # 1 supplier of Hydrogen fueling compressors for the automobile, bus, heavy duty vehicle, and utility vehicle markets with nearly 520 compressors installed world-wide and counting.

Application areas

The SimpleFuel™ product line is designed to target several small-scale hydrogen dispensing markets for refueling FCEV’s, light trucks and material handling vehicles (forklifts) relevant to:

  • Warehouses
  • Small businesses
  • Small fleet vehicle operations
  • Community centers
  • Homes
  • Transportation centers (airports and ship ports)

Simple fuel components

PDC Simplefuel Components

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Recent installations

  • PDC Machines – Warminster, PA
  • Kesen Precut Co-op (Tokyo Boeki) – Sumita Factory, Iwate Prefecture, Japan
  • Greentown Labs – Somerville, MA
  • Toyota – Motomachi plant, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
  • 2 units at Toyota Industries Corporation – Takahama Factory, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
  • Hyundai Station for DOE Fleet – Washington, DC

PDC Simplefuel Example

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  • By using our experience, knowledge and technology, we at PDC Machines are able to meet your requirements with precision and accuracy.


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Simple Fuel

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      PDC Machines, LLC

      PDC Machines, LLC, is a US Based manufacturer of hydrogen gas compressors and systems integrator for hydrogen re-fueling stations. We are the #1 supplier of gas compressors for automobiles, bus and material handling fueling market with over 600 compressor installations worldwide and counting. We offer an extensive selection of models to meet an array of applications ranging from single sites to full scale commercial stations for automotive, bus, truck and material handling equipment utilizing hydrogen fuel cells. PDC Machines has sales and service offices in China, Germany, Japan and S. Korea. PDC has served customers in hydrogen generation, station developers, hydrogen mobility and gas producers active in alternative energy.

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