Hydrogen Refueling Station 350 bar

by Maximator Hydrogen GmbH

  • Hydrogen refueling station at 350 bar for buses, cars, trains, aircraft and trucks
  • Hydrogen can be delivered in gaseous form and stored on site or produced directly at the gas station using electrolysis.
  • As standard, the hydrogen refueling system is equipped with an extensive service and maintenance package.
  • All safety and function-related inspections and tests are carried out at 6 different levels monthly to annually.


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Maximator hydrogen refueling station 350 bar

  • Hydrogen refueling station basically consists of the supply unit (electrolysis, storage), a high-pressure compressor, high-pressure storage, a refrigeration system and the gas pump (dispenser).
  • High-pressure compressors and accumulators are housed in a container.
  • The other parts of the system are designed as stand-alone units.
  • Hydrogen can be delivered in gaseous form and stored on site or produced directly at the gas station using electrolysis.
  • Supply storage is controlled by the MAX-Flowtech connection cabinet. The patented MAX-Compression (high pressure compressor) with the associated drive MAX-Power (hydro) takes over the pressure increase.
  • After compression, the gas is filled in high-pressure storage.
  • Before the vehicle is refueled, the gas is cooled to the required starting temperature by the MAX-Chill (refrigeration system). Vehicles are refueled according to their type (cars / trucks) on the side of the petrol pump intended for this purpose.


  • Hydrogen refueling station at 350  bar
  • Compressor with innovative automatic seal exchange
  • Modular construction
  • Containerized solution
  • Easy expandable
  • design-related high flow at high inlet pressure
  • Hydrogen supply up to 100kg/hr


  • Electrolyzer: The hydrogen can be delivered in gaseous form and stored on site or produced directly at the gas station using electrolysis.
  • Max – Flowtech: The supply storage is controlled by the MAX-Flowtech connection cabinet.
  • Max Storage: High pressure ground storage system by Maximator Gas Solutions (inclusive valve manifold). Separate compartment, attached to the container. Ground storage (swapped or stationary) separated into 3 banks
  • MAX Chill: Refrigeration system is used to cool the gas before the vehicle is refueled
  • Dispenser: The dispenser built in the Maximator design enables both types of vehicles (cars / trucks) to be refueled in the shortest possible time. It is equipped with a filling unit for cars (pressure range 700 bar) and a filling unit for trucks and buses (large volumes, pressure range 350 bar). The built-in valve and measurement technology was selected from the Maximators product portfolio. The dispenser is built and approved according to the relevant guidelines (OIML). The refueling process complies with the SAE J2601-2016 standard.
  • Max Compressor and Max Power: The patented MAX-Compression is a 2-stage, fluidically driven highpressure piston compressor that compresses hydrogen from 24 bar to maximum 1,000 bar. It is equipped with the ASX function (automatic seal exchange), which ensures an automatic seal change of the hydrogen high pressure seal. This automatic change reduces unplanned downtime to a minimum. The seal change itself takes about 3 minutes per pressure converter. The system is a dry-running compressor system, so there is no possibility of contamination of the hydrogen to be refueled or the environment in the event of leakages. MAX-Power (hydro) is the associated drive for Max Compression, which can be operated with different fluids. It is equipped with a 55 KW electric motor including power control. Max Power is a semi-closed circuit that, combined with the power weighing process , achieves an overall efficiency of almost 90%.

Application areas

  • HDV (trucks, busses)
  • LDV (cars)
  • Forklifts
  • Trains
  • Airplanes

Use Cases

Dual pressure HRS in Zofingen, Switzerland (with Agrola)

Maximator AWG Wuppertal

Dual pressure HRS in Zurich, Switzerland (with AVIA)

Maximator Agrola

350 bar HRS in Wuppertal, Germany

Maximator Avia

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Weight12000 kg
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Maximator Hydrogen Refueling Station 350

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    Maximator Hydrogen GmbH

    The hydrogen activities of MAXIMATOR GmbH were spun off into MAXIMATOR Hydrogen GmbH in 2022. We deliver the complete range in the field of hydrogen filling stations and trailer filling stations. Our compressor is an in-house development by our own engineering office with over 30 years of experience in the field of hydrogen. We manufacture exclusively in Germany and have service partners worldwide.

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