G-Pak3 (Pickup Truck Mounted Hydrogen Refueler)

by BayoTech Inc.

  • BayoTech’s pickup truck mounted hydrogen refueler G-Pak carries more than 4,000 scf of hydrogen per load.
  • G-Pak3 (capacity 6.4 kg H2, 350 bar)
  • With no commercial driver license (CDL) or hazmat endorsement required to transport and its ability to be filled at most hydrogen stations with H35 pumps it’s the easiest refueler to use on the market.
  • The G-Pak refueler meets your fuel cell vehicle or generator on-site, for quick refueling whenever and wherever it’s needed.
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BayoTech’s G-Pak – pickup truck mounted hydrogen refueler

  • High-pressure, vehicle mounted, hydrogen refuelers offered by BayoTechTM make refilling fuel cell vehicles a quick, easy, and safe process without the need for a special vehicle. Composite cylinders provide a lightweight, high-pressure package for storing compressed gases with pressure up to 5,075 psig.
  • Refueling can take place directly on-location from the vehicle mounted system. There is no need to transport the vehicle to a central refueling site. It is the ideal solution for short duration fuel cell vehicle demonstration programs or support for travelling roadshows.
  • The G-Pak can also be mounted on lightweight, single axis trailers for easy movement. Since total weight of the gas and cylinders is less than 1000 lbs, no commercial driver license (CDL) or hazmat endorsement is required.


  • Lightweight system can be mounted in a standard pickup truck
  • High-capacity Type III cylinders (aluminum liner wrapped in carbon fiber)
  • Can be filled at most hydrogen stations with H35 pumps
  • Compact footprint for easy access to refueling sites
  • No commercial driver license (CDL) or hazmat endorsement required to transport

G-Pak Variants

Vehicles Mounted Hydrogen Transport

Application areas

  • Mobile refueling of fuel cell vehicles and appliances
  • Fuel cell generator support, with pressure regulation

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BayoTech_Hydrogen Dispensing

Weight201.4 kg
Dimensions11.7 × 55.88 × 127 cm
Max Storage (in kg H2)

Volume Water equival. (in L)

Nom. Tank Pressure (in bar)


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