Mobile Power Unit PemGen MPU-20-48-DC

by Nedstack fuel cell technology BV

  • Zero-emission Mobile Power Unit (MPU), with an output of 20kW at 48VDC.
  • Developed to replace diesel fired gensets in off-grid power applications.
  • Enables the safe and simple creation of autonomous hydrogen microgrids.
  • Co-developed with the Spanish National Centre for Hydrogen Technology (CNH2).
  • Rugged and robust, with little maintenance required.
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Mobile power unit PemGen MPU-20-48-DC

  • The PemGen MPU offers a hydrogen fuel cell power solution as a zero-emission alternative to diesel combustion gensets.
  • Our DC solution is an ‘endurance-extender’ that operates in a combined set-up with battery energy storage systems to provide zero-emission power for long endurance applications.

Product features

  • Designed to function as a battery endurance extender and prolong zero-emission power provision.
  • An independent external battery is required. Users have the freedom to determine the nature of the power delivered to the grid through the selection of their battery.
  • The maximum output of the battery can exceed 20kW, so long as battery has time to recharge using the 20kW input from the MPU.
  • Integrated cooling system
  • Remote monitoring available
  • Contains 2 x Nedstack FCS-13-XXL long-life stacks.
  • The MPU forms the foundation of a wider hydrogen microgrid, for more information on the other microgrid components, contact Nedstack.

Key benefits

  • Safety
  • Robustness
  • Superior efficiency
  • Flexibility


  • Events & festivals
  • Mining
  • Rental power
  • Construction sites
  • Remote areas
  • Temporary sites

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Weight15000 kg
Dimensions6006 × 2440 × 2990 cm
Type of Fuel Cell

Max Current (in A)

Type of Cooling

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Compliant with

, , ,

Ingress Protection Rating

Max Power (in kW)

Fuel Quality Grade

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Manufacturing Readiness (MRL)

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Mobile Power Unit PemGen® MPU-20-48-DC

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      Based in Arnhem, the Netherlands, the origins of Nedstack lie in industry. Nedstack began as part of AkzoNobel and, despite being independent since 1999, Nedstack is still driven by its original industrial values. Nedstack has become a leading specialist in high-power/high-use PEM fuel cell technology, intended for critical and heavy-duty applications.

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