Hydrogen Power Generator UP400

  • 400W hydrogen power system running on compressed hydrogen with 99.97% purity or better
  • A single 9L cylinder can provide 9.6h of autonomy at full power, whereas at half power a 50L cylinder can provide up to 122.5h of autonomy
  • Output voltage of 12V (DC) with maximum continuous charging current of 34A
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Hydrogen Power Generator UP400

  • This hydrogen power generator UP400 is designed to fit your needs and offers the ultimate plug&play soution. Easy to use with a smart and compact design, the UP400 gives you energy independence.
  • Wherever you are, this unit will allow you to power your household, propulse your laptop, smartphone, radios, lights, GPS and many other devices.
  • With UP400 you can makes it micro smart grid with batteries, solar panels or windturbines.
  • Refilling is made easy with Type 4 cylinders, which quickly becoming the norm for hydrogen usage as they are extremely durable and lightweight. Together with our quick connect system, filling or exchanging bottles has never been simpler.
  • Type 4 cylinders comes in various sizes from 2–9 Litres and will fit in most compartments. These high-pressure cylinders are made to withstand pressures going over 300 bar.
  • A single 9L cylinder (4.8 kg) can provide you with 9.6h of autonomy at full power. Whereas our 50L cylinder can last up to 122.5h at half power and can be refilled at any hydrogen refuelling station that operates at 300 bar.

Key features

  • Water and corrosion resistant
  • Shockproof, silent and odourless
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Zero carbon dioxide emission
  • UP400 can become independent by connecting it to solar panels, wind turbines or even your very own electrolyser

Application areas

  • Recharge options for laptop, smartphone, radios, lights, GPS and many other devices.

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  • PowerUP is your ideal partner to supply hydrogen power generators. Contact us – we are thrilled to learn about your requirements.


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