H₂Genset – Mobile Hydrogen Power Generator (20 kW-36 hrs)


  • A mobile hydrogen power generator with integrated pressure tanks and a peak power of up to 20 kW. 
  • At continuous nominal power, the H₂Genset can run for up to 36 hours without refueling. 
  • Refueling is possible at any hydrogen filling station as well as with a bundle of cylinders.  
  • Can be operated in any weather and environmental conditions without special safety precautions. 
  • Thanks to its modular design, the power spectrum can be tailored precisely to the customer’s requirements. 
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H₂Genset– mobile hydrogen power generator

  • The HGenset is a flexible and mobile generator using hydrogen for use in areas without access to the conventional power grid.
  • It is the first device that already has the hydrogen supply integrated by means of pressure tanks. Similar devices available on the market must be operated with an external hydrogen supply. 
  • The H₂Genset has an integrated chassis. It is legally approved for road use and can be transported as a trailer from any vehicle to the site of operation. 
  • The device can be refueled at hydrogen stations like a hydrogen car, operated without special safety precautions, and used in all weather and environmental conditions.
  • For even greater self-sufficiency, the H₂Genset also has a connection for an external tank, e.g. a standard 12-cylinder gas cylinder bundle. 
  • The H₂Genset has an integrated cloud connection and can therefore be monitored via the associated web app. 

Watch our product video

  • The video shows the use of the H₂Genset demonstrator. The design of the device differs from the finished version.


  • Technologically leading hydrogen fuel cell technology: 
    • The integrated EFOY hydrogen fuel cells correspond to the highest technical standard available. 
    • The efficiency of the fuel cells is about 50%.
    • Operation is highly efficient with a consumption of just 0.06 kg H2 per kWh. 
    • The EFOY hydrogen fuel cell modules are based on proven PEM (polymer electrolyte membrane) technology. 
  • H₂GensetCloud: 
    • Extensive operating data and status overview. 
    • Data analysis tools for optimized energy management  
    • Security and theft protection through GPS tracking. 
    • Overview of all service locations. 
    • Overview map with all available hydrogen refueling stations.  
    • Ordering of H2 bundles from local suppliers. 


  • Modular Design with integrated tank system: 
    • Modular design with integrated EFOY hydrogen fuel cells. 
    • Performance range can be precisely tailored to suit your requirements. 
    • Integrated Hydrogen tank system for independent hydrogen supply. 
  • Hydrogen Refuel:
    • The H₂Genset can be refueled quickly and easily at H filling stations. 
    • For even greater self-sufficiency, the H₂Genset also has a connection for an external tank, e.g. a standard 12-cylinder gas cylinder bundle. 
    • The H₂GensetCloud extensively supports a smooth and easy hydrogen supply. 
  • The video shows the refueling process with a hydrogen cylinder bundle. Refueling at a hydrogen filling station works simultaneously. 


  • Emission-free hydrogen fuel cell technology. 
  • Can be used as a power failure system without additional precautions. 
  • Can be operated for 1h with double the nominal power.
  • Efficient energy management, theft protection and more.
  • Approved for road use. 
  • Almost noiseless in operation. 
  • Hardly any maintenance is required, which reduces operational costs.


  • Structural & civil engineering 
  • Emergency power supply for critical infrastructures (CI) 
  • Road construction and maintenance 
  • Emergency services 
  • Technical relief organizations 
  • Events and film industry 
  • Forestry industry 
  • Military 

Use cases

  • Project Green Building Side. 
  • Operation of the Red Bull Caravan at the Red Bull Ring. 
  • Various festivals and events. 
  • Fire department and technical relief organization.

Project cooperation

  • The world’s first mobile and emission-free H₂ generator in its power class was jointly developed by SFC Energy AG from Germany, TEST-FUCHS from Austria and Auto AG Group from Switzerland.
    • Auto AG Group:
      • Leading truck service company for green drive concepts.
      • Development and approval of truck and trailer bodies.
      • Core competence: Servicing and maintaining H₂ vehicles, road transport and vehicle construction.
    • TEST-FUCHS GmbH:
      • Leading special systems manufacturer for the aerospace industry.
      • 30 years of experience in hydrogen valve technology.
      • Core competence: Special systems, instrumentation and control technology, hydrogen, IoT.
    • SFC Energy AG:
      • Leading manufacturer of stationary and mobile hybrid power supply solutions.
      • Core competence: Methanol and hydrogen fuel cells.

Contact us

  • Do you need help operating or setting up your H₂Genset? Simply visit one of the Test Fuchs’ 22 service centers worldwide, where you will get fast and uncomplicated support from experts. Please contact vendor for more information.
Weight1670 kg
Dimensions195 × 140 × 146 cm
Max Power (in kW)

Nom Power (in kW)

Nom Output Voltage (in V)

, ,

Nom. Tank Pressure (in bar)

Compliant with

Manufacturing Readiness (MRL)

Technology Readiness (TRL)


Datasheet EFOY H2Genset Mobile Generator

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      For more than 75 years, TEST-FUCHS has been one of the world's leading players in the field of testing equipment for the aerospace industry and specializes in the development and manufacture of equipment for civil and military aviation. Further competencies of the innovative family-owned company are the manufacturing and maintenance of flying components as well as the development and production of cryogenic valves.
      With cooperation agreements with international technology leaders, TEST-FUCHS will also be bringing its expertise in sustainable mobility to the road in the future. Using know-how from the aerospace industry, special valves are being developed for the first LH2 cryogenic refueling system for commercial vehicles. TEST-FUCHS and its partners are using hydrogen not only as the powertrain of the future, but also as an elementary component of a climate-neutral energy supply.

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