EFOY H₂Cabinet Indoor Hydrogen Power Generator (N-Series)

  • Emission-free turnkey hydrogen power solution
  • Can be used as stand-alone system, backup power system or as an uninterruptible emergency power supply
  • Power range from 2.5 to 50 kW
  • Modular concept: customizable to your requirements
  • N-Series for indoor installation
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EFOY H₂Cabinet – Indoor hydrogen power generator (N-series)

  • EFOY H₂Cabinets are turnkey hydrogen power solutions with integrated EFOY Hydrogen fuel cells.
  • The modular concept allows for a configuration that is customizable to your requirements.
  • This could range from examples such as a stand-alone system, a backup power system or as an uninterruptible emergency power supply for a power range from 2.5 to 50 kW. Each EFOY Hydrogen Fuel Cell module has an output power of 2.5 kW.
  • EFOY H₂Cabinets are ideally suited to replace conventional diesel generators and to switch to emission-free hydrogen energy solutions.
  • The EFOY Hydrogen Fuel Cell is emission-free, very quiet and an efficient hydrogen fuel cell solution. Therefore, the EFOY Hydrogen Fuel Cell can also be used in ecologically sensitive areas.
  • The EFOY H₂Cabinets are available in either indoor (N-Series) or outdoor (X-Series) applications.



  • The N-Series model has a defined connection point for a hydrogen line.
  • Depending on requirements, large hydrogen tanks are also possible
  • Materials, logistics, disposal costs and additional expenses for maintenance and fuel storage, are significantly reduced by using fuel cells.
  • The fuel cell modules switch on fully automatically and take over the load after
    a power failure.
  • Thanks to their low maintenance requirements and the fact that they ensure an uninterrupted takeover of the power supply, fuel cells are the ideal solution for running plants reliably, emission-free and self-sufficiently for several days.
  • Unlike diesel generators, solutions using EFOY Hydrogen Fuel Cells do not produce any CO2 or other emissions.
  • Example of hydrogen supply and operating time
    • H₂ cylinders:                  6 x 50 l (300 bar)           12 x 50 l (300 bar)
    • Operating time:             43.2 h @ 2.5 kW             86.4 h @ 2.5 kW
    • Operating time:             21.6 h @ 5.0 kW             43.2 h @ 5.0 kW
    • Nominal Capacity:        108 kWh                           216 kWh

EFOY Reliable_Hydrogen-Power-Generator_graphic_en


  • Can be used as stand-alone system, backup power system or as an uninterruptible emergency power supply for critical infrastructures (CI)
  • Security-relevant applications, such as digital radio for authortities and
    organisations with security tasks (emergency services)
  • Energy, gas and water supply sectors
  • Mobile communications sector
  • Energy, gas and water supply sectors

Use cases

  • Network hardening of public authority radio BOSNet in Bavaria
  • Emergency power supply applications for critical infrastructures such as gas utilities or telecom infrastructure for Italian telecommunications provider

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Weight500 kg
Dimensions100.0 × 100.0 × 250.0 cm
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