Hydrogen Cooling System SUK 350L

  • Hydrogen cooling system SUK 350L has a peak cooling capacity of 40 kW at -40°C
  • Standalone plug and play system
  • Indirect cooling with f gas R449A
  • Suitable for light and heavy duty application
  • Integrated remote service
  • Modular engineering: individual tailor-made solutions
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Hydrogen cooling system SUK 350L

  • Hydrogen cooling system SUK 350L offers innovative temperature control solutions to meet the challenges of handling hydrogen, which arise in the refueling of hydrogen vehicles.
  • Refueling at a pressure of 700 bar causes high compression of the remaining gas in the tank and heats it up. Therefore, the hydrogen must be pre-cooled to absorb this heat energy.
  • LAUDA has modified an ultracool circulation chiller for this purpose, to achieve the required temperature. Even lower temperatures are required for the actual refueling process −40 °C is required for pre-cooling.
  • Accumulator has the advantage that the dispenser is immediately ready when a vehicle drives up.
  • Heat energy is discharged indirectly via the liquid heat carrier over a distance of 30 to 40 meters. This is a real advantage, as a cold temperature of −40°C is needed as close as possible.
  • Cooling capacity must also be safely provided when the ambient temperature is between −20 and 42 °C, which is now a widespread specification in central Europe, due to rising (outdoor) temperatures. In this respect, the system is usually located in the open air.


  • Lowest temperatures such as −40°C can be achieved by this hydrogen cooling system with output power of 20KW
  • Heat energy is discharged indirectly via the liquid heat carrier over a distance of 30 to 40 meters. This is a real advantage, as a cold temperature of −40°C is needed as close as possible to the fueling station
  • Outdoor Installation
  • Robust Design
  • Strictest safety standards
  • Planned and built precisely according to customer‘s wishes


  • Outdoor installation
  • Air-cooled refrigeration system
  • Outdoor temperatures between −20 °C and 40 °C
  • Hermetically sealed pump with magnetic coupling
  • Outputs from 4 – 8 m3/h against 4 bar
  • Cooling capacity approx. 20 kW at −40 °C
  • Cooling capacity (peak): 40 kW at −40 °C
  • Hermetically sealed pump with magnetic coupling
  • Complete system test in the LAUDA test bench before shipment


  • General cooling requirements of hydrogen applications
  • Required cooling at hydrogen filling stations (e.g. heat dissipation during compression process, precooling of hydrogen)
  • Process cooling of electrolyser applications


  • SUK 400L –  Higher cooling capacity system is available, please find more details here

Use cases

  • We will provide around 20 process cooling units for a French manufacturer of hydrogen filling stations until June 2022. These will be responsible for an essential part of the refueling process, cooling the hydrogen to -40 °C as part of the application. The filling stations will be used throughout Europe
  • Cooling unit SUK 350L at Hydrogen refueling solution (HRS) Industry

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  • We can help you in providing suitable hydrogen cooling system for your hydrogen refueling station.
Weight1500 kg
Dimensions150 × 269 × 282 cm
Electronic Control Interface

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Min Ambient Temperature (in °C)

Ingress Protection Rating

Max Current (in A)

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Max Cooling Capacity (in kW)

Cooling Unit SUK 350L

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