Hydrogen Cooling System Racoon 45

by KUSTEC Kaelte- und Systemtechnik GmbH

  • KUSTEC built cooling systems for more than 250 out of the 553 existing hydrogen refuelling stations, according to 2020 statistics
  • Racoon 45 is ideal for high B2B fillings and tight refueling stations
  • Direct cooling is a key feature of your hydrogen cooling system.
  • Temperature Protocol: T40
  • Cooling capacity: 45 kW
  • Connection Load: ~50 kW
  • Following SAE J2601 fueling standard
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Working with KUSTEC

KUSTEC contributes to hydrogen industry since 2006 with hydrogen cooling systems. KUSTEC built cooling systems for more than 250 out of 553 existing hydrogen refuelling stations till 2020 around the globe with Professional technicians, International engineers and worlwide partners. KUSTEC designs hydrogen cooling systems considering minute details and the system as a whole. KUSTEC also delivers cooling concepts for hydrogen refuelling stations for the futuristic sustainable mobility. KUSTEC is reliable because of its innovative an dunique cooling system with an option of customization.

Hydrogen cooling system Racoon 45 description

  • Racoon 45 is used where high performance is required, delivering over 45 kW cooling capacity.
  • Hydrogen pre-cooling Heat Exchangers realize many advantages for hydrogen fueling, including virtually infinite B2B filling capability and significant savings due to low weight and fluid inventory. As a result, they fit within a small footprint such as dispenser cabinets.
  • The cascade system is capable of delivering the required cooling capacity at anytime. It ensures
    • High B2B fillings, without recovery time.
    • A very compact Hydrogen cooling system, since a diffusion bonded heat exchanger is used.
  • The Racoon is a cascade refrigeration system, using the refrigerants R449A and R774 (CO2).
  • Design conditions: 45 kW cooling power at -39° C evaporation temperature and a condensation temperature of 47° C.
  • Separate versions are available for the European and American markets accordingly.

Key benefits

  • 20 years of life span
  • CE certified
  • Compact design
  • Infinite B2B fillings
  • KUSTEC’s control system, specially customized for Hydrogen cooling, guarantees high efficiency and reliability.
  • Electronically controlled valves and transmitters, in addition to the frequency inverters allow full control over the system.

Application areas

  • SAE J2601 Hydrogen Filling Protocol
  • Cars
  • Forklifts
  • H70 fillings


  • Management System Certificate
    • EN ISO 9001:2015
    • SCC 2011
    • BMLFU-KK-Nr. 45
  • Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulations 2009
    • Section 4, Paragraph 1, Ordinance BGBL. II No. 2/2011
    • Federal Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry, the Environment and Water Management
  • Brazing Process Testing
    • EN 14276-1:2020
    • EN 13585
  • Expert in Handling Natural Refrigerants

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  • We can customise the hydrogen cooling systems as per the requirements.
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      KUSTEC Kaelte- und Systemtechnik GmbH

      KUSTEC, officially named as Kälte- und Systemetechnik GmbH, is based on the outskirts of Vienna, in Freundorf, Austria, where all the innovation happens, while an office is located in Colorado, USA. Since 2008, KUSTEC provides hydrogen cooling solutions for a total of more than 250 Hydrogen Refuelling Stations across the globe. Worldwide partnerships allowed excellent customer support. Our motivation is to customize hydrogen cooling solutions to fulfil hydrogen station needs, innovate highly efficient systems with low energy consumption and focus on developing systems with low Global Warming Potential. Before delivery, every system is tested under extreme conditions to ensure it delivers the designed criteria. Please also see our company presentation.

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