Hydrogen Hydraulic Compression Skidded System

by Haskel Inc.

  • Fully integrated hydrogen hydraulic compression skidded system.
  • Capable of delivering up to 1,000 kg/day at pressures up to 100 Mpa
  • Hydraulic H-Drive compression technology
  • Hydrogen gas purity maintained via compressor design
  • PLC and electrical interface included
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Hydrogen hydraulic compression skidded system

  • Compact and transportable packaged systems configured to individual fueling requirements.
  • Utilizing Haskel’s proven hydraulic H-Drive compression technology, the fully integrated gas transfer units take hydrogen gas from low to high pressure.
  • They can be used as part of a larger hydrogen refueling station solution or on their own as a cost-effective direct filling system.
  • The hydraulic compression skids can be designed to meet specific refueling requirements for a range of applications.
  • These systems are ideal suited to be integrated with existing infrastructure.
  • They are both compliant for hazardous and non-hazardous environments.

Key features

  • Innovative compression solutions
  • Energy efficient design
  • Flexible hydrogen supply
  • Modular design with expandable capacity
  • Contactless credit card payment systems
  • Lower cost per kg hydrogen dispensed
  • Compact, transportable and simple to relocate
  • Simple to operate – minimal training required
  • Engineered to order – can be configured to meet project requirements
  • Can be used to direct fill or integrated as part of a complete refuelling station

Application areas

  • Drones
  • FCEV – cars, buses and HGV’s
  • Hydrogen fueled trains, airplanes and marine vessels
  • Large scales refueling when integrated into a refueling station design

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Hydrogen Hydraulic Compression Skidded System

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      Haskel Inc.

      For 75 years and counting, Haskel has been recognized as the world’s leading provider of high-pressure industrial gas and liquid handling equipment. Haskel hydrogen technology is safely and successfully used in a range of mission critical applications around the world every day - just as it has been for over two decades.
      We manufacture a full range of hydrogen handling equipment, including compressors, hydraulic and pneumatic-driven gas boosters, high-pressure valves and fittings and other system components. All of which use specific materials designed for hydrogen use based on pressure and flow requirements to address embrittlement issues metals face when exposed to a hydrogen environment.
      As the world’s leading provider of high-pressure hydrogen solutions, we have a team of experts who will work with you to provide the best solution for your chosen application.

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