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by Solenco Power NV

  • Reversible fuel cell system that also enables green hydrogen generation
  • Energy storage system for stationary applications
  • Storage of your excess renewable energy for weeks, months, or even seasons
  • High energy self-sufficiency and even energy autarky are possible
  • Triple zero-carbon technology: production, storage, and distribution are eco-friendly and produce no CO2
  • Currently only available in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, France, and Germany.
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Reversible Fuel Cell System Powerbox

  • Electrolysis and fuel cell principles in one device that can be placed inside
  • Hydrogen storage in high pressure storage tanks, placed outside
  • The system is designed to convert electrical renewable energy (solar/wind) or energy from play-the-grid mode, into green hydrogen (electrolysis process) that can later be converted again into electricity and heat (fuel cell process)
  • All the Solenco Power products have a CE declaration and are in conformity with the essential requirements for hydrogen systems and hydrogen storage.
  • With our dashboard, the customer can constantly follow up on the performance of the box, the hydrogen level, pressure, water temperature, energy consumption etc. Projected yearly savings can be monitored.

Working principle

  • Electricity needs are covered by the solar panels during day time and only the surplus is sent to the SPB™ to be stored as hydrogen. When there’s no sunshine, electricity, and heat are produced by the SPB™ from the stored hydrogen.
  • Hydrogen can be stored for days, but also for months or even entire seasons.

Hydrogen storage for the reversible fuel cell system working

Components of reversible fuel cell system

The Powerbox has the following integrated components that work seamlessly together and are controlled via a cloud enabled software platform:

  • Electrolyser mode
  • Fuel cell mode
  • Power electronics and AC/DC rectification and conversion
  • Water treatment system
  • Hot water tank and cooling loop
  • Safety system
  • Smart energy software control system

*The hydrogen compression and storage are not integrated and are done in gas vessels that are certified for high pressure hydrogen storage.

Key features

  • Long duration energy storage
  • Green solution for your energy demand
  • High energy self-sufficiency or even energy autonomy
  • Dimensions with 200l hot water storage tank: 82 x 140 x 180 cm
  • Dimensions of the hydrogen storage tank: 99 x 99 x 194
  • The Powerbox can be delivered for indoor or outdoor applications.

Application areas

  • Long duration energy storage
  • Stationary applications

Project cases

  • Single- and multi-family housing: villas, housing complexes, housing communities, apartment buildings
  • Offices, cultural affairs, and community buildings

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Dimensions82 × 99 × 180 cm
Nom Power (in kW)

Max Outlet Pressure (bar)

Technology Readiness (TRL)

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      Solenco Power NV

      Solenco is a fast-growing Belgian SME innovator in the field of cleantech and specializes in hydrogen energy storage systems for residential, commercial, and industrial installations.
      It was founded in 2015 and has a team with +50 years of experience in the hydrogen sector. They are committed to the decarbonization of the energy sector. Solenco is currently selling its products only in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, France, and Germany.

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