Methanol Fuel Cell – Ecoport 800


  • Up to 800 W power output for highest demand
  • Methanol Fuel Cell – Energy dense, easy to handle, clean.
  • Tested and operational in harsh off-grid environments
  • Automatically charges Batteries in team work with your set up
  • Remote System Monitoring
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Methanol Fuel Cell – Ecoport 800

  • Designed with challenging applications in mind delivering up to 800 W backup power
  • Reliable operation to generate electricity for your off-grid or backup application from methanol fuel cell. Whatever you have in mind you can count on Ecoport.
  • Independent methanol reservoir – buy methanol at the supplier of your choice in the amount that fits your demand
  • The integrated charge controller let’s you automatically charge batteries without intervention.

Key features

  • High Power Delivery
    • Ecoport 800 delivers 800W of Backup-Power or 500W in continuous operation.
    • Being installed as a backup system, Ecoport allows charging batteries automatically.
  • Reliable Operation
    • Operates in harsh conditions (e.g. Sweden, Tyrol, Saudi Arabia)
    • Run any device everywhere without a grid connection or use Ecoport as a Backup-Power Generator.
    • Integrates into your existing environment of batteries and solar panels.
  • Operation on Autopilot
    • Although the system can operate months without observation, the Remote Operating Solution allows for continuous system monitoring.
    • Methanol is a perfect fuel for complicated transport logistics. The storage capacity is adjustable to your needs and available space.
    • Our Ecoport works well with any Methanol of standard purity from your chemical supplier.

Product Video

Application areas

  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Surveillance (Nature / Weather / Transport)
  • Backup-Power
  • Mobile Applications on trailers or special vehicles

Use cases

  • Power supply for office containers in mining operations
  • Obstacle lighting during the construction of wind energy turbines
  • State of Tyrol: Securing the power supply of critical networks

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Weight42 kg
Dimensions77 × 35 × 42 cm
Max Power (in kW)


Electrical Efficiency (in%)

Ingress Protection Rating

Max Ambient Temperature (in °C)

Min Ambient Temperature (in °C)

Max Operating Altitude (in m)

Technology Readiness (TRL)

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Methanol Fuel Cell - Ecoport 800 Datasheet

Product Datasheet

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