Fuel Cell System S1200 (120 kW)

  • Wide cruise range with up to 60% fuel efficiency
  • Low cost integration
  • Fuel cell system with wide power range of 17-83 kW
  • Factory preprogrammed system & flexible packaging
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Fuel cell system S1200 (120 kW)

  • Enabling zero-emissions heavy duty vehicles via high fuel efficiency & wide cruise range.
  • S1200 sets a new standard in fuel efficiency with up to 20 kWh/kg NET energy output at the system level.
  • S1200 is designed for the real world.
  • S1200 features a wide cruise mode power range that ensures fuel efficient operation for under just about any conditions.
  • S1200 is designed as a fully-integrated system that not only offers a plug-and-play solution. But the packaging  is also flexible with moveable components.
  • S1200 can be easily customized depending on the customers requirements.

Fuel cell System-S1200-Intro


  • As a complete fuel cell system integrated with cooling system and DC-DC converter, S1200 offers OEMs a fully-integrated ready-to adopt solution.
  • Up to 120 kW peak power using next-gen bipolar plates.
  • Wide cruise range with up to 60% fuel efficiency.
  • Small foot print, flexible packaging, IP67 protection.
  • Dynamic response time over a wide power range.
  • Wide temperature range with freeze-start capability.
  • Low cost integration.

Fuel cell-System-S1200-design


  • Heavy duty vehicles
  • Fuel cell buses
  • Fuel cell trucks

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Weight300 kg
Dimensions100.8 × 67.9 × 78.7 cm

Type of Cooling

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Min Ambient Temperature (in °C)

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Max Output Voltage (in V)

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    Loop Energy Inc.

    Loop Energy Inc. is a Canadian developer and supplier of fuel cell solutions for commercial vehicle and stationary power OEMs. Our revolutionary eFlow™ fuel cell architecture enables significant improvements to power density and fuel efficiency. OEMs and power generation system manufacturers - our products are reshaping the industry with an unmatched combination of fuel efficiency, power density and fuel durability with our proprietary patented designs and technological advancements. Headquartered in Vancouver, Loop is centrally located in the fuel cell design capital of the world. Having expanded our manufacturing and business development with locations in Asia and Europe, Loop Energy is positioned to take off on a global scale as we expand to service and supply customers around the world.

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