Fuel Cell Engine E-45-HD (45 KW)

by Nuvera Fuel Cells, LLC

  • E-45 Fuel Cell Engine has a power output of 45 KW and is designed for an easy integration in electric drivetrains.
  • Nuvera® E-Series Fuel Cell Engines deliver the power, efficiency, and durability to meet demanding transportation duty cycles
  • Fully integrated compressor and coolant pump included
  • Open flow field stack architecture provides for increased efficiency and stack power density
  • Bipolar plates with proven resistance to shock and vibration
  • Patented controls optimize operation and manage engine performance
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Engines redefined – Nuvera® E-Series Fuel Cell Engines are the answer for modern emission-free mobility

  • Nuvera’s line of high-performance E-Series power systems simplifies the integration of fuel cells into electric vehicle powertrains
  • With controls and interfaces that replicate the design and use of internal combustion engines, Nuvera E-Series Fuel Cell Engines enable the electrification of material handling equipment, buses, trucks, marine vessels, and other medium- and heavy-duty platforms
  • As important as technology and performance, Nuvera’s fuel cell engines are backed by integration support worldwide, both remote and on-site
  • Advanced controls for Nuvera® Fuel Cell Engines enable simpler, faster vehicle integration
  • Nuvera’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) has evolved over decades to maintain conditions within the stack stack for long life and optimal performance
  • The Nuvera® Fuel Cell Engine communicates with the vehicle control unit using standard CAN 2.0B protocol

Our Stack Technology

Nuvera’s eighth-generation stack offers unique fuel cell technology that distinguishes our company and our range of power solutions for OEMs.

  • High performance for motive applications in outputs ranging from 10 to 100 kW and higher
  • Ease of integration provided by optimized control logic
  • Patented fuel cell technology that enables a winning combination for cost, compactness and durability

As a long-established and specialized PEM fuel cell systems developer, our engineering teams bring extensive experience in both fuel cell stack design and hybrid fuel cell powertrain development. Our predecessor companies offer over 90 years of innovative electrochemical technology development background that Nuvera has built on to deliver competitive commercial products.

Nuvera Stack

Nuvera® E-Series Fuel Cell Engines include:

  • 8th-generation Nuvera® fuel cell stack
  • Engine control unit
  • Water management algorithm
  • Air compressor
  • Coolant pump
  • Coolant thermostatic valve
  • Hydrogen ejector
  • Bleed resistor
  • Power output electrical contactor
  • Power output pre-charge circuit

Nuvera Engine Hires

Our products have many application areas

  • Material handling equipment
  • Buses
  • Trucks
  • Marine vessels
  • Other medium- and heavy-duty platforms

Nuvera_application areas

Production and Customer Integration Support

  • Nuvera’s automated production processes allow us to manufacture fuel cell engines at industrial scale in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities
  • Nuvera provides global integration support to customers through its applications development teams in China, Europe and North America

Nuvera is on a mission

Nuvera® Fuel Cell Engines provide limitless possibilities for zero emission mobility. Watch our videos.

  • Nuvera Fuel Cell Engines – see video here
  • Nuvera Ports – see video here

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Weight187 kg
Dimensions100 × 60 × 50 cm
Nom Power (in kW)


Fuel Quality Grade


Type of Cooling

Electronic Control Interface

Min Ambient Temperature (in °C)

Max Ambient Temperature (in °C)

Max Current (in A)

Max Output Voltage (in V)

Min Output Voltage (in V)


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      A leading provider of fuel cell solutions for both on- and off-road motive applications, Nuvera is at the center of a hydrogen-powered clean transportation revolution. Nuvera provides both products and applications support to tackle the challenges of e-mobility, and to help OEMs get reliable and durable fuel cell vehicles to market with fuel cell engines designed for ease of integration.

      Nuvera® E-45 and E-60 Fuel Cell Engines power vehicles such as buses, trucks, and container handling, and non-road equipment for ground support, mining, agriculture and construction. Nuvera sells and services fuel cell engines and components globally.

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