Combined Heat and Power Fuel Cell System (CHP) 100 kW

  • Stationary heat and power generator with electrical output of 100KW, 400VAC
  • Stationary heat and power generator with thermal output of 130KW at 70°C hot water
  • Gaseous hydrogen consumption of 7kg/h
  • Hydrogen quality ISO 14687-2 (99,97%)
  • Operates without vibration, noise or pollution
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Combined Heat and Power Fuel Cell System (CHP) 100 kW

  • Cost-effective CHP fuel cell system with 100 kW electrical output.
  • Compact structure and modular extension for electrical output up to MW level.
  • Parallel generation of heat and power, free from noise or vibration.
  • Environment-friendly energy generation without local emissions.
  • High electrical efficiency through the direct use of hydrogen.


  • Dimensions: 1,95 x 3,00 x 0,80m (6.4 x 10 x 2.6 ft)
  • Weight: ~2150 kg
  • Touch screen control, real time web monitoring
  • Black-start ability available
  • Highly dynamics to stabilize power grids
  • Easy to install and to operate (push-button)
  • Low entry barrier for operators and owners (low hydrogen pressure)
  • Designed for long-term operation


  • Modular Structure
    • Basic module (basic set)
      • CHP fuel cell system
      • Mains parallel operation
      • Remote control
    • Extension module Island Operation (optional)
      • Blackstart capability independent from grid
      • Implementing island operation with energy storage & control system
  • Modular Service
    • Basic package (basic set)
      • Installation and commissioning
      • Legal warranty
    • Maintenance & Repair package (optional)
      • HEE takes care for maintenance and repair of your CHP fuel cell system
    • Operation package (optional)
      • HEE operates the CHP fuel cell system for you


  • Stationary power & heat generation from hydrogen for decentralized applications.
  • For island and remote applications.
  • For larger Buildings (combined power/heat/cold possible).
  • Transportable for festivals and construction sites (hydrogen from trailer required).
  • For districts and city quarters (hydrogen from pipeline preferrable).
  • For industrial users and grid independent supply (hydrogen from own production).
  • For grid stabilization.

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Weight2150 kg
Dimensions300 × 80 × 195 cm
Max Input Voltage (in V)

Max Ambient Temperature (in °C)

Min Ambient Temperature (in °C)

Max Mass Flow (in g/s)

Efficiency incl. CHP (in %)

Compliant with


Manufacturing Readiness (MRL)


Technology Readiness (TRL)

, ,


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    HEE Technologies GmbH

    HEE Technologies GmbH is a Cologne-based company with the aim of fostering the hydrogen economy. To this end, HEE develops and builds stationary fuel cell systems that can be used to supply larger buildings and industrial plants with both, electricity, and heat. We produce our CHP-Fuel Cell Systems in Germany and provide installation, commissioning, and maintenance.

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