Water Electrolyzer Stacks LCWE-25

by LEANCAT s.r.o

  • Water Electrolyzer Stacks with optimized water cooling
  • Innovative compact design
  • High-quality materials
  • Cost-effective
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Water Electrolyzer Stacks LCWE-25

  • Leancat specializes in electrolyzers, fuel cell test stations, and services. Leancat has know-how based on long-term R&D and application of fuel cell and electrolyzer technology.
  • Cooperation partners and customers include recognized research institutes and companies in Europe, the USA, and Asia.

Key features

  • Advanced PEM water electrolyzer stack
  • Produces hydrogen at high pressure (cathode)
  • Low-pressure oxygen outlet (anode)
  • Designed for integration in H2 systems
  • Power range up to 5 kW
  • Integrated heat exchanger for stack cooling (optional)
  • Innovative Compact Design: Traditional coolers require separate pipes and fittings. Our breakthrough solution incorporates the plate heat exchanger (HEX) directly into the electrolyzer stack. This not only achieves a sleeker design but also eliminates the need to buy a separate HEX.
  • Cost-Effective: Combine all the above features, and the result is an electrolyzer that’s cost-effective, space-efficient, and seamlessly integrable.

Optimized water cooling

  • Water electrolyzers face heating challenges due to high current and ohmic losses. The optimal operational temperature for PEMWE is between 65 – 75 °C.
  • Standard solutions use an anode water circuit for cooling, typically integrating either a plate heat exchanger for water-to-water cooling or a radiator for water-to-air cooling.
  • The water cooling method stands out, particularly for compact modular systems and scenarios where waste heat cogeneration is employed. The benefits? Reduced water volume in the anode circuit and simplified maintenance due to a compact cooling exchanger.

Application areas

  • With its high power density, efficiency, and reliability, LCWE-25 is perfectly suited for OEMs and integrators aiming at developing their solution for the production of green hydrogen.

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      LEANCAT s.r.o

      Leancat s.r.o. develops and manufactures professional fuel-cell testing equipment. Building on extensive knowledge from the development and application of fuel cell technology, we can offer customers from both academia and industry a wide portfolio of fuel cell test stations for PEM fuel cells and SOFC. Standard configurations cover power ranges from 100 W to 20 kW and we offer a variety of customization options based on the requests of our customers.

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