NEA|HYTRON HyPEM Electrolyzer


  • Modular and containerized PEM electrolyzer
  • High plant availability and low production costs due to optimized integration of stacks in balance-of-plant
  • High design flexibility for customized indoor and outdoor configurations in standardized containerized solution for operation from -20° to 40°C
  • Kits available for demanding conditions, e.g. low noise option, high purity option
  • See XPLORE, the H2 operation & field service app, providing 360° service for interruption-free and smart operation.
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NEA|HYTRON HyPEM electrolyzer

  • NEA GROUP broadens its product portfolio with PEM electrolyzer. The decision was taken to use PEM technology as it does not involve harmful chemicals and thus represents a clear statement towards making green Hydrogen even cleaner.
  • Combining it with further OEM components – specifically compressor systems – the efficiency of the overall hydrogen production solution can be brought to the maximum.
  • In the water electrolysis process an electrical energy is used to split water molecules (H2O) into their constituent parts (2 H2 and 1 O2).
  • See XPLORE, the H2 operation & field service app, providing 360° service for interruption-free and smart operation.

Key features

  • PEM electrolyzer stacks with each 1 MW stack generating up to 200 Nm3/h of hydrogen at an output pressure of more than 30 bar(g)
  • 100 Nm3/h of O2 produced at the same time with a pressure of up to 10 bar(g)
  • The HyPEM with a built-in process water production module, capable to provide water with a resistivity above 10 MΩ/cm. Customizable technology to be tailored to water conditions on site.
  • Included: thermal management system, a hydrogen purification, dehumidification and deoxidizer module, including permanent gas analysis and quality monitoring to ensure the desired gas quality
  • All pipings made of full 316L stainless steel for long lifetime
  • Vehicle fuel cell and hydrogen compliance (SAE J2719 and ISO 14687:2019) for the highest purity of H2 for all applications (up to 6.0 quality)
  • 40’ Sea freight container for easy logistics, installation and scalability for all climate conditions. Optimized for low noise operation in urban environments.
  • Because of PEM technology, it is free of harmful chemicals.
  • Asset health always monitored with NEA|XPLORE cloud platform
  • See the H2 operation & field service app providing 360° service for interruption-free and smart operation

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Application areas

  • Mobility
  • Industrial applications

Project cases

  • Mobility use case: local municipality planned to decarbonize a bus fleet and required bus terminal for 12 H2-powered fuel cell buses, saving 1,500t CO2 per year.
  • Industry Use Case: Industrial company requiring steam boiling for technical processes to become independent from fossil energy carrier. NEA GROUP developed and engineered full-scope sector coupling project including electrolysis and utilization of excess heat and O2. Savings of 1,600 CO2 through sector coupling.

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      Founded in 1830, for about a century NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP has been supplying H2 compressor units to industry. Today NEA is a one-stop shop for Integrated Solutions along the H2 Value Chain. The portfolio includes electrolyzers, reformers, compressors, HRS and many other solutions covering generation, distribution and storage. Customers benefit from an OEM with decades of H2 expertise and receive support throughout the lifecycle of a decarbonization project: from greenfield studies, through engineering and manufacturing, to digital integration and 360° service during operation as well as brokerage of green gases.

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