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AEM Hydrogen Generation Set

  • All-in-one system to produce on-site high purity green hydrogen which can be expanded upto 5 electrolysers
  • Standardized 19” rack and stackable solution
  • Quick & easy installation
  • Hydrogen generation set has low maintenance requirements
  • Including Enapter energy management toolkit (optional to use)
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AEM hydrogen generation set

  • Enapter’s hydrogen generation set is an all-in-one system to produce on-site high purity green hydrogen. Its modular design allows set up in minutes the fully operational system.
  • Its standardized 19” rack and stackable solution grants the option to expand as required and achieve the required hydrogen flow rate.
  • An advanced control and management software allows the user to operate the whole set and adapt its configuration to his needs.

Key features

  • The AEM hydrogen generation set includes the following:
    • 1 x AEM electrolyser EL 4.0
    • 1 x Dryer DRY 2.1
    • 1x Water tank WT 2.1
    • 1x Assembly kit fittings/pipings


  • Generation of 500NL/h of hydrogen
  • High efficiency
  • High hydrogen purity (99,999%)
  • Up to 35 bar hydrogen output pressure
  • Automated & remote operation with
  • Enapter’s energy management system
  • Low maintenance requirements


Application areas

  • Mobility
  • Energy storage
  • Research
  • Power-to-gas
  • Power-to-heat

Project cases

  • Containerised refueling solutions in Germany
  • Hydrogen supercapacitor rural microgrid in Malayasia
  • Peak shaving with hydrogen in France
  • Hydrogen aircrafts and hydrogen cars
  • Testing site for hydrogen supplement in Australia
  • Telecom base station in Malayasia
  • Residential storage and seasonal storage
  • Rural electrification in Uganda

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Enapter hydrogen generation set

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    Enapter is a rapidly growing company based in Pisa, Italy with offices in Germany, Thailand, and Russia. The company develops and manufactures the patented anion exchange membrane (AEM) electrolysers for hydrogen production from water and electrical energy. Hydrogen is considered the most important element to replace hydrocarbons such as gas, oil, coal, and all fossil fuels. Green hydrogen is made with electricity from renewable energy sources. Hydrogen is an energy carrier useable to satisfy heating or cooling needs, mobility in the transport sector, or to provide feedstock in industry. A mass-produced AEM electrolyser will become a commodity and compete with fossil fuels purely on price.

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