Outdoor HydroCab Electrolyser

by H2 Core Systems GmbH

  • Outdoor electrolyser system with up to EL 2.1 electolysers and a dryer
  • Wide temp range from -20° C to +50° C
  • Up to 2,5 Nm³/h green hydrogen production (0,5 Nm³/ per element)
  • Up to 35 bar output pressure, 8 bar optional available
  • Easily upgradable and energy management system via cloud or app included
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Outdoor HydroCab Electrolyser

  • Combining H2 Core systems GmbH’s know-how of fluid systems with innovative Enapter AEM electrolysers and the energy management system EMS, they’re building you standardised, flexible and smart hydrogen source.
  • The high-quality 19″ cabinet system from our Outdoor HydroCab is particularly suitable for outdoor use and includes a heating, air conditioning and ventilation system, which allows the systems to withstand a wide range of climatic conditions. Up to four stackable el 2.1 modular electrolysers and one dryer can be integrated.
  • Water purification optional available
  • Water cooled version optional available
  • Fuel cell integration optional available
  • 400 V AC Power supply

Key benefits

  • The outdoor version of the H2 Core Hydro Cab is a plug and play solution for small and medium sized H2 demands. It is the solution to integrate Enapters and other 19” modules to a complete system.
  • Every Enapter Electrolyser is capable to produce up to 0,5 Nm³/h.
  • The output volume of every electrolyser can be set between 60% and 100%.
  • The Hydrocab combines up to 5 modules to a single plug and play module.
  • An optional Dryer module can increase the purity from 99.9% to 99.999%.
  • The optional Water Purification System (WPS) can provide the needed water with the quality of < 20 µS/cm.
  • A Water Tank Module can be installed and stores 38 l of deionized water. It is equipped with a pump which provides the needed supply pressure or the electrolyser modules.
  • The WTM takes the space of one electrolyser and is needed when no direct water supply can be provided.
  • Also it is recommended when more than one cabinet will be installed parallel.
  • For extreme temperature ranges heating and cooling systems can be added accordingly.
  • Individually scalable for your H2 applications

Outdoor HydroCab application areas

  • Research and development
  • Test benches
  • Green hydrogen production
  • On site production for small and medium sized refuelling stations
  • Residential applications

Contact us

  • H2 Core Systems GmbH is your next stop for reliable hydrogen production systems. Please contact us for your requirements.
Weight280 kg
Dimensions80 × 100 × 160 cm
Max Ambient Temperature (in °C)

Min Ambient Temperature (in °C)


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      Combination options such as the integration of fuel cells, as well as compressor and storage units can be realised. The diversity allows to configure an individual energy source.

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