HydroCab PowerCore Energy Storage System

  • Combines water electrolysis and fuel cells in one self-sufficient energy storage system for short- and long-term energy storage.
  • It is also termed as self recharging fuel cell.
  • Fuel cell power output options ranging from 1kW, 2.5kW, 4kW per cabinet, higher output power on request
  • Optional hydrogen storage 50kWh, 75kWh, 240kWh in expandable modules
  • Very few hydrogen consumption up to 70g per kWh
  • Up to 2 Enapter electrolyser modules
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HydroCab PowerCore Energy storage system

  • Combining H2 Core systems GmbH’s know-how of fluid systems with innovative Enapter AEM electrolysers and the energy management system EMS, they’re building you standardised, flexible and smart hydrogen source.
  • HydroCab PowerCore combines water electrolysis and fuel cells in single system, which can also be integrated into all existing PV, wind or hydropower plants.
  • The system includes integrated dryer for 99.999 % H2-purity
  • High Efficiency super capacitors for short term storage.
  • Energy Management System is included.

Key benefits

  • The HydroCab PowerCore is the complete energy storage system combining benefits of hydrogen and battery systems. It is a short- and long-term energy storage system. The modularity enables the design of the best system for your demands. The system is designed for an easy plug and play installation.
  • The PowerCore can be delivered in a water cooled or air cooled version. Also ask us for outdoor or IP55 versions with an exhaust connection.
  • Optional compressors and gas storage solutions complete the system. We also offer the installation and commissioning on site.
  • Logistics-free, sustainable energy solution.
  • Easy operation, independent of external Electricity price fluctuations.
  • 35 bar hydrogen pressure outlet
  • Fuel cells can be integrated modularly up to 8 kW power.
  • Highest operative altitude is 4000 m
  • Suitable hydrogen storage solutions for effectively available energy from 40 kWh to > 1,000 kWh
  • Modularly scalable and expandable at any time
  • Plug and play, easy installation and low maintenance operation.

HydroCab PowerCore application areas

  • Residential power autonomy
  • Telecom emergency power supply
  • Mobile power plants
  • Power supply for remote locations

Contact us

  • H2 Core Systems GmbH is your next stop for reliable energy storage systems. Please contact us for your requirements.


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    H2 Core Systems designs, constructs, and maintains modular configurable electrolysis systems the ideal hydrogen source. The focus is on a green and sustainable future with an efficient, cost-effective, and modular scalable hydrogen system.
    Combination options such as the integration of fuel cells, as well as compressor and storage units can be realised. The diversity allows to configure an individual energy source.

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