Testing and Validation Services for Hydrogen Applications – Schaeffler Engineering

by Schaeffler Engineering GmbH

  • 4 test-benches with hydrogen infrastructure
  • 2 for heavy-duty hydrogen applications
  • 2 for fuel cells and other hydrogen applications
  • Over 40 years of experience in testing and validation of automotive and non-automotive application
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Testing and Validation Services for Hydrogen Applications – Schaeffler Engineering

  • 4 test-rigs with H2 infrastructure at our location in Werdohl
    • 2 x heavy-duty
    • 2 x universal (e.g. fuel cell systems)
    • Battery simulation up to 320 kW
    • Pressure supply up to 100 bar at engine/system
    • Mass flow up to 40 kg/h
    • Hydrogen supply (hydrogen 5.0) by trailer or bundle
    • H2-leckage sensing with 4 flexible Transmitter-Positions
    • H2-consumption measurement
    • Different coolant temperatures
  • 7 powertrain and engine test-benches
    • Engine-power class up to 540 kW / 3.000 Nm (HD) & 450 kW / 1.000Nm (PassCar)
    • 3 Battery simulation systems up to 800V / 600A / 160 kW, in combination up to 320 kW
    • Summation gear
    • 2 CNG test-benches (280 bar compressor unit)
    • Exhaust-emission analysis
  • EMC laboratory with an integrated hydraulic test-bench for automotive and industrial applications
    • Shielded absorber hall
      • Rotation plate:
        • Diameter: 2 m
        • Load capacity: max. 1 t
      • Semi-anechoic chamber
      • Frequency range: up to 40 GHz
      • Supply: up to 63 A, 400 V AC
    • Integrated hydraulic test-bench
    • 3 hydraulic circuits (2 independent)
    • Heat exchanger > 50 kW

Schaeffler-Engineering_hyfindr_testing and validation fuel-cell

  • NVH test facilities
    • 4WD anechoic chassis dyno
      • Roller diameter: 3.18 m and 1.59 m
      • Cut-off frequency 90 Hz electric drive/braking power 75 kW (at 20 – 200 km/h)
      • Equivalent vehicle mass: 3 t + 1,5 t
      • Silent wind fan with air conditioning
      • Rough surface and single obstacles
      • Fully accessible pit
    • 2-chamber acoustics test-bench
      • Dynos up to 215 kW
      • E-motor up to 180 kW
      • f > 150 Hz
  • Testing and validation services
    • Performing tests from research to endurance run and from components to drive train
    • Transient tests up to 6.200 min-1/s
    • Thermal shocks down to -32°C with gradients of up to -8°C per second
    • Transmission tests with real oscillating weight

Key benefits

  • Testing of complete systems or components
  • 24/7 test operation with up to 160 effective test hours per week in continuous operation
  • Fully equipped testing facilities with access to our mechanical workshop
  • Additional engineering services and expertise from our business units on request

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  • Schaeffler Engineering’s system and mechatronics know-how helps to make the world of tomorrow cleaner. Interested? Please contact Schaeffler Engineering by filling in the contact vendor form.


Bruchure- Testing and Validation for Hydrogen Applications

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    Schaeffler Engineering GmbH

    The Schaeffler Engineering GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG, is an international supplier of mechatronic system engineering, specializing in the vehicle powertrain. Our engineering service portfolio includes electronic development incl. EMC engineering, software development, powertrain development, testing as well as system integration and vehicle acoustics. With over 40 years of experience, we are a trusted engineering partner for automotive and non-automotive companies and organizations worldwide. For hydrogen applications such as fuel cells or combustion engines, we offer a unique portfolio of software models, electronic control units and H2-capable test benches with accompanying engineering services as well as profound technical expertise gained in R&D and series projects.

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