Power Electronics Testing Services

by EPowerlabs

  • We have specialized knowledge in power electronics testing
  • Grid emulator and electronic loads test
  • Inverter tests
  • DC-DC tests
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EPowerlabs is offering state of the art power electronics testing capabilities

  • Epowerlabs offers end to end engineering services independently, or supported by technological partners, offering complete DVP&R and RCA for the overall e-mobility components such as Inverters, DC/DC, BMS, eDrives, xCU’s and others.
  • In the Power Electronics field to help the upcoming challenges of WBG semiconductors converters in their development and test, a full measurement equipment with high precision voltage and current probes and posterior signal conditioning are among EPowerlabs testing capabilities.

Our testing capabilities include:

  • Grid emulator and electronic loads
  • Inverter tests
  • DC-DC tests

Please see our testing presentation in the section “downloads”

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Our team is formed by a group engineers who have developed deep knowledge in leading automotive companies. We are looking forward to performing tests for you!



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EPowerlabs Testing Capabilities

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    EPowerlabs was born from the vision to contribute towards a more sustainable world by providing services to help industry players accelerate the adoption of electric mobility. The team is formed by a group engineers who have developed deep knowledge in leading automotive companies. The company has the mission to share this experience with clients through custom, agile and effective services. EPowerlabs has developed a variety of embedded hardware to meet the specific needs of each project. From small motor control units for bicycles and mopeds in different power ranges, to developments for automotive industry inverters up to 150kW.

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