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Hydrogen Handling Pipework and Control Systems

  • Welding of high pressure hydrogen pipework manifolds
  • Fabrication and test of custom specific hydrogen handling systems
  • High purity hydrogen pipework assemblies
  • High pressure testing validation and certification
  • Full 3.1 material certification

Hydrogen handling pipework and control systems

  • As the global demand for alternative energies grows and hydrogen becomes a driving force in this market, Orbital Fabrications’ expertise in manufacturing custom gas handling systems is perfectly suited to address the technical demands of managing high pressure hydrogen, safely and securely, to be used as a fuel source.
  • With working pressures of 700 bar and above, it’s vital that your hydrogen handling solution is manufactured, tested and certified to ensure trouble free deployment in the field.
  • Orbital welding delivers safe handling – The high pressures associated with hydrogen as a fuel source demand thick walled tubing to ensure safe handling. Orbital welding, an autogenous TIG process, ensures controlled and repeatable full penetration welding of this heavy duty stainless steel tubing, providing a clean secure joint that’s immune to vibration and ambient thermal changes.
  • NDT weld validation such as dye penetrant testing and X-ray are also available.
  • System leak testing is provided – Once your system is manufactured, the validation process includes full system leak test. Helium mass spectrometers provide extremely sensitive leak detection rates, down to ppm levels.
  • Orbital Fabrications also validates your entire system way above the normal operating pressure; pressure testing to well over 1000 bar when the application requires, ensuring the entire system is certified and safe for use in the field.

Scope of services

  • Orbital welding of high purity high pressure hydrogen manifolds
  • Manual TIG welding of high purity high pressure hydrogen manifolds
  • Full system build, test and validation of hydrogen handling systems
  • High pressure testing to 1000+ bar
  • Leak testing using helium mass spectrometers

Video of services

Application areas

  • Hydrogen generation and electrolysers
  • Storage and transportation
  • Bulk cylinder manifolds
  • Fuel cell delivery systems
  • Point of use delivery

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    Orbital Fabrications Ltd

    Located in Cambridge, UK Orbital Fabrications are specialist manufacturers of custom designed high purity stainless steel pipework, manifolds and control systems for hydrogen management. Utilizing the latest innovations in TIG welding; both automated orbital welding alongside lathe and turntable TIG welding. Our support services include comprehensive in-house design, through to test and validation, including in house helium mass spectrometry for leak detection. High pressure testing to 1000 bar and higher also available, along with full 3.1 material certification.

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