Fuel Cell System Specifications Service – Aurata Technologies

by Aurata Technologies

  • Development or checking of your fuel cell system specifications and component specifications
  • Air systems specification service
  • Hydrogen system specification service
  • Thermal management and cooling system specification of all components
  • Experienced engineers with recent (& ongoing) fuel cell system experience
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Fuel cell system specifications service – Aurata Technologies

  • Early-stage development of fuel cell systems / balance of plant following concept selection.
  • Development of the specification of components across the thermal, air and hydrogen systems.
  • Aurata Technologies considers each system individually as well as considering interactions and the combined balance of plant.
  • Supported as appropriate by hand calculations, 1D system models and our experience of fuel cell systems.
  • The air system can include the compressor, charge air cooler and humidifier.
  • The cooling system includes all components (such as pumps, heat exchanges, de-ionisers, power electronics) and the other on-vehicle (or craft) cooling requirements for greater overall efficiency.
  • The hydrogen system can include the injection and recirculation of hydrogen as well as the hydrogen storage.
  • Instrumentation specification for prototype testing.

Key benefits

  • Independent and can provide an impartial critique of supplier or systems integrator’s specifications.
  • Thermal management specification of all components; including fuel cell, fuel cell systems and associated power electronics.
  • If required they can work as part of an OEM’s existing team (as additional capacity) or they can be responsible for a stand alone project.
  • Training to OEMs around specification development.
  • Iteration of specification as the design evolves to provide the required overall systems solution.
  • Review of competing solutions.

Application areas

  • Development of fuel cell systems / balance of plant for vehicle or craft.
  • Companies wanting an independent second opinion that their components specification are appropriate for their vehicle or craft applications.
  • Companies requiring a check of the suitability of the specifications that their suppliers offer them.
  • Determining the impact that any deviations to the specification will have on system performance.

Use cases

  • Fuel cell system (balance of plant) specification development through to prototype build and testing for fuel cell manufacturer.

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    Aurata Technologies

    Aurata Technologies is a zero carbon powertrain engineering and strategy consultancy, providing advisory and engineering services related to fuel cells and batteries. Our expertise is in mechanical and thermal systems, and we undertake fuel cell balance of plant specification, strategy & applications engineering and simulation & analysis. Our core areas are thermal, air and hydrogen systems.

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