Oxygen Purification Reactor Design (via H2 Removal) – Research Catalysts

by Research Catalysts Inc

  • Oxygen purification reactor designs including pressure drop, turndown, and heat & material balance
  • Each design is Tailor Made to optimally meet each customer’s duty specification
  • Quick turnaround on design requests – typically within two business days
  • Decades of experience in designing catalytic reactors
  • In-house catalyst testing for performance benchmarking & customer support
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Oxygen Purification Reactor Design (via H2 Removal) – Research Catalysts

  • Custom Designs – Oxygen purification reactor designs are made on a case-by-case basis to match our clients with the catalyst type, catalyst quantity, and reactor bed dimensions best suited to their needs. Attention is paid to each project’s requirements regarding product purity, pressure drop, turndown, and space limitations.
  • Commercial History – Research Catalysts has been designing Catalytic Oxidation reactors and supplying the catalysts used within since its inception in 2006 based on 30 years of prior industrial experience applying catalysts in the process industries. This technology can be applied to efficiently remove Hydrogen from Oxygen, increasing the value of the Oxygen stream coming off an electrolyser. Research Catalysts’ Reference List exceeds 60 realized projects for catalytic oxidation in the energy transition field alone.
  • Powerful Software – Research Catalysts’ proprietary software for reactor design and simulation is the key to providing consistent and proven reactor designs with fast turnaround.
  • Catalyst Testing Laboratory – Research Catalysts runs its own self-built testing facility for catalyst performance benchmarking, ensuring that the products we offer will perform as expected.

Key features

  • Reliable and Robust performance based on proven technology and catalysts
  • Tailor designed to the process conditions and system requirements
  • Dedicated Support throughout the development process
  • Application specific expertise backed by commercial and laboratory experience

Application areas

  • Oxygen Purification System Development
  • Post-electrolyser Purification
  • Hydrogen Removal from Oxygen

Use cases

  • Reasearch Catalysts has supplied replacement catalyst for a system in Europe that was designed by others.  The Pd catalyst performed well in catalyzing the reaction between Hydrogen and Oxygen (forming water) in essentially a pure Oxygen stream.  RCI has also supplied Pd catalysts for treating Oxygen streams produced in an air separation process to oxidize out a minor amount of methane (this requires considerably higher temperatures than the de-H2 application).

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Oxygen Purification Reactor Design (via H2 Removal) - Research Catalysts

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    Research Catalysts Inc

    Research Catalysts is a supplier of precious metal catalysts that can be used for the efficient purification of Hydrogen via Oxygen Removal (Deoxo). Research Catalysts provides reactor designs on a case-by-case basis to match their clients with the catalyst type, catalyst quantity, and reactor bed dimensions that best meet their client’s specific needs. Research Catalysts is based in the Houston area where they operate their lab and maintain a warehouse with these products. Their expertise with Hydrogen Deoxo makes them a reliable partner for the development of Hydrogen Purification Systems.

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