Hydrogen Pipeline Planning and Permissioning Services – Open Grid Europe

by Open Grid Europe GmbH

  • OGE has build up extensive knowledge and expertise in planning, building and operation of large pipelines
  • Expertise in authority engineering and planning approval documents
  • Expertise in rights acquisition and compensation strategy
  • Support in public law and civil law
  • Route reconnaissance and nature conservation
  • Technical management and maintenance for hydrogen pipeline planning
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Hydrogen pipeline planning and permissioning services – Open Grid Europe

  • Authority engineering and hydrogen pipeline planning approval documents:
    • Open Grid Europe (OGE) supports their customers in applying for permits and in preparing planning approval documents for pipeline projects.
    • In doing so, they ensure that all requirements of the relevant authorities are met and that all necessary steps are taken to obtain approval.
  • Acquisition of rights and compensation strategies:
    • OGE advises their clients on the development of strategies for rights acquisition and compensation in connection with train path projects.
    • In this context, they assist in the tendering and management of rights acquisition offices as well as in the execution of principle agreements with affected farmers and foresters and in the preparation of compensation schemes.
  • Support in public law and civil law:
    • OGE offers their clients comprehensive support in the application of public law and civil law in connection with pipeline projects.
    • In this context, they advise on contract negotiations with farmers and foresters, prepare delimitation of interests and crossing agreements, and enforce acquiescence orders for preliminary work.
  • Pipeline route exploration and nature conservation:
    • They support their clients in route exploration and carry out comprehensive soil and subsoil investigations and surveys.
    • They place particular emphasis on nature conservation and offer their clients comprehensive environmental planning, compliance with nature conservation regulations and professional objection management.

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Key benefits

  • Expertise in authority engineering and planning approval procedures:
    • They have extensive experience in working with authorities and conducting planning approval processes.
    • For their clients, this means they can ensure a smooth and effective approval process, saving time and money and minimizing the risk of delays.
  • Expertise in rights acquisition and compensation strategies:
    • Open Grid Europe (OGE) advocates for fair and transparent compensation for farmers and foresters and ensure that their clients are legally protected.
    • Their experience in rights acquisition and compensation negotiations allows them to avoid unnecessary costs and save time.
  • Advice on hydrogen pipeline planning procedures and fundamental votes in public law:
    • OGE works closely with developers and authorities to achieve the best possible planning outcome and avoid conflicts.
    • Their consulting services help ensure that the client obtains approval from the authorities and that the project can be implemented effectively and cost-efficiently.
  • Route survey and conservation:
    • They take care to ensure that their route planning meets environmental concerns and that the environment is not unnecessarily impacted.
    • Their extensive expertise in surveying, environmental planning, and soil and subsoil surveys helps meet environmental requirements and minimize potential risks.

Application areas

  • Development of new hydrogen transportation pipelines

Use cases

  • Experience in over 14 new transmission line construction projects within the last 10 years throughout Germany
  • Investigation of 2,500 km of route variants and construction of 800 km of routes including fiber optic cables
  • Maintenance of 5,500 concession contracts, 4,500 construction permits and 1,000 crossing contracts
  • Annual handling of more than 50 operating projects as notification procedures (according to § 43f EnWG)
  • Coordination, coordination and management in the area of explosive ordnance, archaeology, boundary restoration, register of conditions (planning approval, all contract trades) and digital construction site management (document management, cloud, construction map, MapServer)

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    Open Grid Europe GmbH

    Open Grid Europe GmbH, headquartered in Essen, is the leading transmission system operator for natural gas in Germany and operates the country's largest gas transmission system with a length of around 12,000 km, including interests in the MEGAL, TENP, NETRA, DEUDAN, etc. pipelines. Their expertise in engineering and operational planning, consulting, monitoring and maintenance enables them to offer customized services. In this regard, they are also active in the field of hydrogen infrastructure offer, in addition to their expertise, support to their customers in the planning and design of facilities and pipeline technology.

    Open Grid Europe's pipeline network already enables the transport of natural gas and green gases, and they have many years of experience and the highest reliability in providing their services. They are well equipped to meet the challenges of the energy transition and offer customized solutions for your ideas and concepts. Contact Open Grid Europe today and shape a sustainable energy future together.

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