Fuel Cell System Engineering Support – Aurata Technologies

by Aurata Technologies

  • Able to work independently or as part of an OEM’s existing systems engineering team for fuel cell system engineering support
  • FMEA and Design Validation Plan development
  • Managing suppliers’ engagement from first contact to delivery
  • Experienced engineers with recent (& ongoing) fuel cell system experience
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Fuel cell system engineering support – Aurata Technologies

  • Liaising with suppliers for fuel cell systems / balance of plant components.
  • Checking the supplier’s components are suitable and compatible, especially in terms of control and interface.
  • Managing the delivery of prototype parts.
  • Developing FMEAs.
  • Resolving test and failure issues.
  • Developing Design Validation Plans (DVP) and test procedures including specification and location of instrumentation for control and test.

Key benefits

  • Able to work independently or as part of an OEM’s existing systems engineering team.
  • Pre-screening of suppliers and initial engagement frees up customer time to focus on the detailed development, including reviewing competing components.
  • FMEA and DVP development is very time consuming to do from scratch but timely delivery helps improve the design process.
  • Delivered by a team experienced at managing suppliers.

Application areas

  • Development of fuel cell systems / balance of plant for vehicle or craft.
  • Companies wanting an independent second opinion that their components specification are appropriate for their vehicle or craft application.
  • Companies requiring a check of the suitability of the specifications that their suppliers offer them.
  • Determining the impact that any deviations to the specification will have on system performance.

Uses cases

  • Fuel cell system (balance of plant) FMEA review for fuel cell manufacturer or integrator.

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    Aurata Technologies

    Aurata Technologies is a zero carbon powertrain engineering and strategy consultancy, providing advisory and engineering services related to fuel cells and batteries. Our strategic expertise is in fuel cell product technical, market and commercial strategy. Our engineering expertise is in mechanical and thermal systems, and we undertake fuel cell and electrolyser balance of plant specification, applications engineering and simulation & analysis. Our core areas are thermal, air and hydrogen systems.

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