FCEV Hardware Development- Schaeffler Engineering

by Schaeffler Engineering GmbH

  • More than 40 years of experience in development of mechatronic systems
  • Own EMC laboratory and experts available
  • Qualified network of partners and suppliers
  • Customer-specific FCEV hardware development

FCEV Hardware Development- Schaeffler Engineering

  • Circuit development
    • Analog and digital circuits
    • Power electronics
    • Wireless data communication
    • Programmable logic
    • Involvement of microcontrollers and digital signal processors
  • Simulation-supported design
    • Circuit simulation
    • Thermal simulation and dissipation
    • Evaluation of signal integrity
    • Field simulation and EMC simulation
  • Layout: Development and construction
    • Components placement
    • Impedance-controlled rooting
    • Thermal dissipation of power components
    • Layout service
    • Support of the mechanical construction
  • FPGA design
    • Implementation of linear algorithms, e.g. in the form of PID controllers and FIR or IIR filters using VHDL or Verilog
    • Integration of soft IP cores (processors, digital filters, CAN, etc.)
    • Integration of models using MATLAB/Simulink, TargetLink
  • EMC-optimized development and consultation
    • EMC analysis and measurements in our own laboratory
    • Interference suppression of assemblies and devices up to systems
    • Development of efficient shield concepts
    • Simulation-supported EMC optimization
    • Consultation for optimization of circuit parts and components
    • Electromagnetic interference suppression of vehicles
  • Production: Technology and development
    • Production-oriented planning and development
    • Assurance of reproducibility
    • Support during sample and series production
    • Re-engineering, e. g. of control units
  • Support of series production
    • On-site production support
    • End of line programming
    • Product return analysis and assessment

Key benefits

  • Hardware solutions for the control systems of various vehicle parts, from the complex engine system to the control of individual vehicle components
  • Customer-specific hardware development from one unit up
  • Solutions combine innovation, the newest technology, and international standards with feasibility
  • Additional engineering services and expertise on request, for example for cybersecurity, functional safety, EMC or verification and validation
  • Customized electronical solutions from one unit up
  • More than 40 years of experience in development of mechatronic systems
  • Own EMC laboratory and experts available
  • Qualified network of partners and suppliers

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    Schaeffler Engineering GmbH

    The Schaeffler Engineering GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG, is an international supplier of mechatronic system engineering, specializing in the vehicle powertrain. Our engineering service portfolio includes electronic development incl. EMC engineering, software development, powertrain development, testing as well as system integration and vehicle acoustics. With over 40 years of experience, we are a trusted engineering partner for automotive and non-automotive companies and organizations worldwide. For hydrogen applications such as fuel cells or combustion engines, we offer a unique portfolio of software models, electronic control units and H2-capable test benches with accompanying engineering services as well as profound technical expertise gained in R&D and series projects.

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