Fuel Cell Strategy Consulting – Fit4FC

by AE Driven Solutions GmbH

  • Comprehensive in-depth analysis of the fuel cell system product and process chains
  • Determination of the technical potential and matching it with your existing portfolio
  • Evaluation of the market potential of possible products
  • Implementation plan towards your successful market entry and establishment
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Fuel Cell Strategy Consulting – Fit4FC

This is an indepth analysis to uncover and develop potential for fuel cell technology in your value chain. This unleashes your potential in the Fuel Cell technology.

Our Fit4FC approach drives your way towards future mobility:

  • Product and process analysis
    • In-depth introduction to materials, products, functional principles, process steps, plant concepts and future developments in production in the focused area
    • Description of the challenges and quality features along the production chain and its components in the focused area
    • Description of quality features in the process and assembly chain as well as in product design in the focused area
  • Evaluation of the technical potential
    • Evaluation of the identified products, components and processes with regard to the client’s existing competence portfolio
    • Discussion of the components and processes identified by AEDS with the customer
    • Detailing the requirements for the products and manufacturing / assembly processes under consideration
    • Analysis of the technological potential / “fit” of the company with regard to the current technology know-how and the identified requirements
  • Evaluation of the market potential
    • Results of a meta-analysis of automotive market growth and production capacities of (fuel cell electric) mobility with a focus on the automotive industry in the core markets Europe, China, USA and Global
    • Top-down estimation of the sales potential of the identified products and process
    • Estimation of the future demand of the identified products and processes
  • Planning the market entry
    • Identify potential customers and suppliers for the additional identified products and processes
    • Development of a strategic approach for entering the additional identified market fields
    • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses compared to the competition in the new segment
    • Development of a strategic approach for the entry into the sub-markets based on previous work packages

Key benefits

  • Take advantage of our broad network of experts from industry and research institutes
  • We accompany you all the way to your desired goal
  • Our experienced consultants will explore with you your individual potentials within the fuel cell technology

Application areas

  • Automotive industry
  • Ship and aviation industry
  • Construction industry
  • Agricultural industry
  • Other special machinery industries

Project Examples

  • Product development support and technology analysis
  • Strategic market entry analysis for the fuel cell systems sector
  • Gap-analysis and production planning for a bipolar plate series production

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    AE Driven Solutions GmbH

    AE Driven Solutions GmbH and its network is a solution provider for hydrogen eco-systems, from hydrogen generation for hydrogen transportation to energy generation in several applications.

    • We are highly motivated pioneers in eMobility & fuel cell technology.
    • Lots of experience in eMobility engineering & production.
    • Highly skilled in several disciplines like electronics, mechanics, physics, process technology, quality & project management, homologation, validation & testing. Using access to RWTH (University of Aachen) for talent recruiting and offering opportunities for personal development.
    • Our approach: Hands on – implement ideas in hardware / software fast.
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