Digitization and Assessment of Hydrogen Suitability Service – H2Suit

by Open Grid Europe GmbH

  • Assessment of hydrogen suitability and existing pipelines
  • Data analysis and preparation using AI-based process
  • Cluster analysis and component catalog as basis for conversion projects
  • Saving manual effort and avoiding capacity build-up
  • Customizable service packages, including handwritten recognition and key-value pair assignment
  • Derive investments budgets to retrofit existing asset base
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Digitization and assessment of hydrogen suitability service – H2Suit

  • Digitization of material certificates (or similar documentation) based on artificial intelligence and our experience.
  • Open Grid Europe (OGE) uses AI tools and their expertise to extract and digitally capture information from material certificates and other documents.
  • Reliable extraction and analysis of your manufacturer’s specifications, component lists, material constituents, technical and chemical properties from official test certificates.
  • OGE uses official test certificates and other documents to extract relevant information and carefully analyze it.
  • OGE helps you to find the data basis for your H2 to create readiness and to transfer the content of your material certificates to your database.
  • Have you already digitized your component information? Then they will help you evaluate your assets background.
  • They have set up and tested their own process to analyze their components and materials in the pipeline network.
  • This is based on data processing using artificial intelligence. The AI-based process extracts the information relevant for the hydrogen suitability assessment from the existing documents, creates a database from it and prepares the data as required.
  • This procedure enables a direct check of the data for defined parameters and the provision of a component-related database as a basis for certification.
  • The cluster analysis of this data set shows transparently which components with which properties are available in your system and thus form the foundation for reliable planning of a conversion project.
  • Individual or total asset parameter check.
  • The service includes handwritten recognition, key-value-pair assignment and parameterization and validation of the data.
  • The product packages can be customized for your purposes.
  • OGE can accompany you extensively on the way to hydrogen with this approach.
  • Open Grid Europe (OGE) would be happy to explain the details of the construction of typical service packages to you in a personal conversation.

Key benefits

  • Data preparation and visualization: They prepare and present the collected data in a way that is useful for evaluating the H2 suitability of your pipelines and assets.
  • Individual or whole-asset parameter review: They review your assets to determine their suitability for hydrogen – either as individual components or as a whole.
  • Creation of a cluster analysis/component catalog together with our partners: They create a cluster analysis of your components and develop a component catalog together with our partners to facilitate the planning of a conversion project.
  • Handwritten recognition, key-value pair assignment and validation: The service also includes handwritten recognition, key-value pair assignment as well as parameterization and validation of the data in the scope of services.

Application areas

  • Fast and reliable assessment of the hydrogen suitability of pipelines and plants for an efficient H2 transformation of own assets
  • Digitization of relevant material information to create a hydrogen suitability database

Use cases

  • OGE has assessed more than 12.000km pipeline on hydrogen suitability

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    Open Grid Europe GmbH

    Open Grid Europe GmbH, headquartered in Essen, is the leading transmission system operator for natural gas in Germany and operates the country's largest gas transmission system with a length of around 12,000 km, including interests in the MEGAL, TENP, NETRA, DEUDAN, etc. pipelines. Their expertise in engineering and operational planning, consulting, monitoring and maintenance enables them to offer customized services. In this regard, they are also active in the field of hydrogen infrastructure offer, in addition to their expertise, support to their customers in the planning and design of facilities and pipeline technology.

    Open Grid Europe's pipeline network already enables the transport of natural gas and green gases, and they have many years of experience and the highest reliability in providing their services. They are well equipped to meet the challenges of the energy transition and offer customized solutions for your ideas and concepts. Contact Open Grid Europe today and shape a sustainable energy future together.

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