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by Open Grid Europe GmbH

  • Tailor made consulting and engineering services for hydrogen industry
  • Investigation of technical and commercial feasibility of hydrogen projects along the entire value chain
  • Preparation of H2 potential analysis for you (analysis of H2 sources/sinks, use of existing infrastructure)
  • Overview of routing, process engineering design, construction aspects & cost estimation
  • Review of planning and permitting aspects
  • Review of regulatory framework and restrictions
  • Development of business case scenarios
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Consulting and engineering services for hydrogen industry – Open Grid Europe

  • Situation Analysis and Objectives:
    • Conduct a regional hydrogen potential analysis, including sources and sinks, and the use of existing infrastructure.
    • Develop a pipeline plan, including route selection, process design, construction aspects, and cost estimates.
    • Address planning and regulatory issues related to the project.
    • Consider the regulatory framework for hydrogen pipelines.
    • Develop business case scenarios to evaluate the viability of the project.
    • The primary objectives of the study include:
      • Strategic project development,
      • Expertise in hydrogen feasibility studies, project experience, provision of technical and professional know-how, and
      • Insight into the technical and operational requirements of hydrogen networks.
  • Solution Approach:
    • The solution approach involves providing a specialized team of experienced consultants with detailed knowledge of hydrogen projects, including the development of successful European hydrogen projects.
    • Early assessment of the feasibility of the project is also conducted.
    • The success factors include:
      • In-depth knowledge of the German and European gas markets,
      • Expertise in the development of the hydrogen value chain,
      • The creation of compelling business models, and
      • The establishment of a circular economy at the national level.
  • Financial Offer:
    • The financial offer includes a quick turnaround, objective recommendations, a suitable team skillset, analytical and results-oriented work processes,
    • Pragmatic and implementation-oriented results, high acceptance through joint work with relevant stakeholders, and a management-friendly presentation of results for decision-makers.
  • Partnership with Open Grid Europe (OGE) & Evety:
    • The partnership with OGE & Evety offers comprehensive technology and market experience in the hydrogen environment, including a criterion-based and objective assessment of technologies and actionable recommendations.
    • The success factors of the partnership include:
      • The selection of experts with over 10 years of experience in the gas industry and
      • Broad experience in process engineering and compressor stations as well as,
      • Hydrogen coordination for technical projects such as planning and building hydrogen facilities.

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Key benefits

  • Extensive technology and market experience in the H2 field
  • Criteria-based and objective evaluation of technologies
  • Team of experts with more than 10 years of experience in the gas industry
  • Broad experience in process engineering and compressor stations
  • H2 coordination for technical projects
  • Planning and construction of hydrogen facilities

Application areas

  • Transformation of existing gas infrastructure to transport hydrogen
  • Development project specific and regional hydrogen business cases

Use cases

  • H2-feasibility study – hydrogen supply of public transport in urban area (Essen)
  • H2 Transport System: Merger of the GET H2 Nucleus, Green Octopus and Salcos projects.
  • H2 Transport System: H2ercules – Fast Track for Hydrogen from OGE and RWE
  • Energieagentur Heide: Infrastructure analysis and potential assessment for the transport of H2, CO2 and O2
  • H2 transport system H2morrow steel: Joint initiative of Equinor, thyssenkrupp Steel and OGE
  • H2 transport system – Westküste100

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    Open Grid Europe GmbH, headquartered in Essen, is the leading transmission system operator for natural gas in Germany and operates the country's largest gas transmission system with a length of around 12,000 km, including interests in the MEGAL, TENP, NETRA, DEUDAN, etc. pipelines. Their expertise in engineering and operational planning, consulting, monitoring and maintenance enables them to offer customized services. In this regard, they are also active in the field of hydrogen infrastructure offer, in addition to their expertise, support to their customers in the planning and design of facilities and pipeline technology.

    Open Grid Europe's pipeline network already enables the transport of natural gas and green gases, and they have many years of experience and the highest reliability in providing their services. They are well equipped to meet the challenges of the energy transition and offer customized solutions for your ideas and concepts. Contact Open Grid Europe today and shape a sustainable energy future together.

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