Testing, Inspection and Certification Services for Hydrogen Storage

by Kiwa NV

  • We find solutions for your hydrogen storage challenges
  • Together we create trust in your hydrogen storage products
  • Hydrogen laboratory with decade of experience in automotive tanks testing
  • We offer full type approval test programs and certification projects
  • Independent, honest and actionable solutions for hydrogen storage questions

Testing, inspection and, certification services for hydrogen storage

  • Our hydrogen laboratory has been testing automotive tanks for more than a decade in anticipation of a large increase in hydrogen vehicles as part of the energy transition
  • We find solutions for your hydrogen storage challenges
  • Analysis of energy demand and demand profiles, including matching demand to supply, rate of response of energy generation technology, influence of storage capacity, managing annual and diurnal intermittency of demand – against relevant markets and total values.


  • Testing, Inspection and Certification to ensure quality, safety and performance of high-pressure components, e.g. process and storage tanks
  • Pressure Equipment Directive, Inspection and Certification (PED)
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Technical and financial audits to identify risks and opportunities of Hydrogen storage tank, geological storage and bullet storage projects
  • Ranking of materials among candidate materials
  • Safety and economic assessment
  • Design review of Hydrogen storage
  • Technical assessment on rock cavern Hydrogen storage and Hydrogen Pressure equipment
    • Analysis of fatigue and structural integrity of the steel lining to ensure storage design lifetime
    • Assessment of the effects of load cases and pressure cycles
    • Evaluation of the hydrogen influence on embrittlement and fatigue of welded steels
    • Probabilistic analysis using MCS
    • Deterministic requirements for weld defects that must be detected at the manufacturing QA
  • Technical and financial Due Diligence for Hydrogen storage applications, with independent evaluations on projects
  • Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive, Inspection and Certification (TPED)

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    Kiwa NV

    Kiwa, thanks to our expertise in the gas sector and to our wide knowledge of related infrastructures, has a unique stance in the hydrogen market. We are active at national and international levels for technical assistance, testing, inspection and certification of solutions dedicated to the complete hydrogen supply chain.

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