Palladium Catalyst for Oxygen Removal (Deoxo) – OxiGone 125

by Research Catalysts Inc

  • Precious Metal Catalyst for Oxygen removal from Hydrogen
  • Excellent catalytic activity even at low temperatures
  • Economical metal loading – 0.25 wt % Palladium
  • Porous alumina bead support provides large surface area for catalytic reaction
  • Palladium catalyst with long-term stable performance
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Palladium Catalyst for Oxygen Removal (Deoxo) – OxiGone 125

  • OxiGone 125 is a precious metal catalyst used to remove oxygen from various gas streams via the catalysis of the oxidation reaction. OxiGone 125 is comprised of 0.25% Pd on 2-4mm Al2O3 beads
  • Chemistry of the reaction being catalyzed is 2H2 + O­­2 = 2H2O
  • OxiGone 125 has an excellent activity at low temperatures and can meet tight outlet Oxygen specifications (can achieve < 1 ppm O2).
  • Expected lifetime of Palladium catalyst OxiGone 125 in Hydrogen Deoxo applications is 5-10 years in continuous operation if the gas is free of catalyst poisons.

Key features

  • High activity for Oxygen Removal at low temperatures
  • No activation required
  • Long catalyst lifetime in typical Green Hydrogen Deoxo service
  • Capable of removing Oxygen to below 1 ppm

Application areas

  • Hydrogen Purification
  • Oxygen Removal
  • Oxygen Purification
  • Hydrogen Removal

Use cases

  • Multiple projects of various sizes producing > 100 MW of Green Hydrogen have been realized, using Research Catalysts’ reactor designs and catalysts.
  • Catalysts supplied include both platinum and palladium types, OxiGone 125 (0.25% Pd) and OxiGone 230 (0.3% Pt)

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Palladium Catalyst for Oxygen Removal (Deoxo) - OxiGone 125 Datasheet

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      Research Catalysts Inc

      Research Catalysts is a supplier of precious metal catalysts that can be used for the efficient purification of Hydrogen via Oxygen Removal (Deoxo). Research Catalysts provides reactor designs on a case-by-case basis to match their clients with the catalyst type, catalyst quantity, and reactor bed dimensions that best meet their client’s specific needs. Research Catalysts is based in the Houston area where they operate their lab and maintain a warehouse with these products. Their expertise with Hydrogen Deoxo makes them a reliable partner for the development of Hydrogen Purification Systems.

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