Fuel Cell Monitoring Device Potentiostat PTC-05100EW

by Kolibrik.net, s.r.o.

  • Fuel cell monitoring device with many capabilities
  • Potentiostat/Galvanostat ±5 V, ±100 A (4-quadrant)
  • Current ranges 500 mA .. 100 A (4 ranges)
  • Impedance spectroscopy up to 1MHz
  • Cyclic Voltametry, Chronoamperometry and other standard electrochemical methods
  • Software with external control via TCP/IP, LabView drivers on request
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Potentiostat PTC-05100EW is a device which enables measurements up to +/-5V and +/-100A, equipped with electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS). The product is intended for use with fuel-cells, electrochemical cells, and other electric and electrochemical measurements.

Kolibrik Potentiostat PTC-05100EW – Variants

  • PTC-0520E – Potentiostat with EIS ±5V/±20A
  • PTC-0520 – Potentiostatic Battery Cycler ±5V/±20A
  • PTC-0550E – Potentiostat with EIS ±5V/±50A
  • PTC-1050EW – Potentiostat with  EIS ±10V/±50A
  • PTC-05100EW – Potentiostat with EIS ±5V/±100A

We also provide customised solution for above the stated variants.

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Kolibrik PTC-05100EW datasheet

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