Magnetostrictive Sensors

  • For Ex zones 0 and 1, Balluff offers pressure-encapsulated magnetostrictive linear position sensors in various rod configurations with various performance profiles for reliable position feedback.
  • Depending on the application, you receive from us variants for areas that are threatened by gas.
  • Magnetostrictive sensors that withstand possible explosion hazards are also available for Zone 2.
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Magnetostrictive sensors

  • Magnetostrictive position measurement systems come into use generally where high reliability and precision are demanded in position and speed measurement.
  • Over long distances, our contact-free and absolute measuring systems are suitable for all industry-standard interfaces and for a wide range of applications.
  • Even under extreme surrounding conditions, they guarantee a high machine and system availability.

Product features

  • Suitable for Zones 0, 1, and 2
  • Measurement ranges of up to 7620 mm
  • Absolute output signal with high resolution of up to 5 µm
  • Pressure-rated up to 600 bar
  • Many international certifications, such as IECEx, ATEX, and CSA
  • Hermetically sealed housing
  • Range of interfaces available
  • Space-saving housing
  • Fast commissioning through characteristic curve adjustment
  • Under extreme surrounding conditions, they guarantee a high machine and system availability
  • High durability and long service life
  • Flexible installation and handling
  • Resistant to shock, vibration and contamination


  • Balluff magnetostrictive position measurement systems are for example used for level measurement in hydrogen filling stations.
  • BTLs can be also used for distance measurement during the compressing process of fuel cell stack in order to achieve highest process reliability.

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  • Sensors for fuel cell and hydrogen system is our expertise. Contact us today.
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