Open Cathode Fuel Cell Stack Tester OBT

  • Our open cathode fuel cell stack tester is suitable for open cathode PEM fuel cell stacks
  • Configuraton for testing stacks with up to 60 cells
  • Current rage up to 300 A
  • Power supply and cooling fans
  • Safety features for fully automated operations
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Working with Leancat

  • Leancat is a specializes in fuel cell testing equipments and services. Leancat has know-how based on long-term R&D and application of fuel cell technology.
  • Cooperation partners and customers includes recognized research institutes and companies in Europe, USA and Asia.

Open Cathode Fuel Cell Stack Tester OBT main features

  • Leancat OBT provides all necessary tools for the testing of open cathode air cooled fuel cell stacks
  • Upto 6 thermocouple interfaces
  • Interface for powering and control fo cooling fans (upto 6)
  • Dead end mode
  • Interfaces for external recirculation pump
  • Several choices for power (1.4/2.1/3.2 kW) and current (120/180/300 A) rating
  • Cell Voltage monitoring upto 60 channels
  • Robust control system based on industrial PLC

Key benefits

  • Cost effective solution for testing of fuel cells in specialized areas requiring high power density and lightweight design
  • CE certificate of conformity
  • Suitable for open cathode PEM fuel cell with upto 60 cells and current range of 300 A
  • Fully automated safety operation feature and controlled cooling of fans

Application areas

  • Design and optimisation of open cathode fuel cell stacks
  • Great tool for educational purposes

Contact us!

  • We have fuel cell testing equipment that we can customize according to your requirements.
Weight100 kg
Dimensions70 × 55 × 75 cm
Max Current (in A)

Max Power (in kW)

Max Input Voltage (in V)

Type of Fuel Cell


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Leancat Stack Tester OBT

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    LEANCAT s.r.o

    Leancat s.r.o. develops and manufactures professional fuel-cell testing equipment. Building on extensive knowledge from the development and application of fuel cell technology, we can offer customers from both academia and industry a wide portfolio of fuel cell test stations for PEM fuel cells and SOFC. Standard configurations cover power ranges from 100 W to 20 kW and we offer a variety of customization options based on the requests of our customers.

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