Helium Leak Test Bench for PEM Fuel Cell Components


  • Global test in vacuum chamber with helium as tracer gas and mass-spectrometer analysis
  • 2 – 5 bar test pressure with limit leakage rate: 1×10-4 mbar*l/s to 1×10-5 mbar*l/s
  • Stable and reliable leakage test, independent of environmental conditions
  • Minimum threshold detection with max repeatability and reproducibility
  • Helium leak test bench for PEM fuel cell can be customized
  • Concept, design, technology, assembly and automation from a single source supplier
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Helium leak test bench for PEM fuel cell components

  • It verifies the tightness of coolant, hydrogen and air circuits of the fuel cell’s bipolar plates, simulating real operating condition.
  • Principle of measurement: global test in vacuum chamber with helium as tracer gas and mass-spectrometer analysis.
  • Test pressure: 2 – 5 bar.
  • Limit leakage rate: 1×10-4 mbar*l/s to 1×10-5 mbar*l/s.
  • Test medium: e.g. 10% He / 90% N or up to 100% He.
  • Variable number of parts per chamber realizable (e.g. 2 parts tested at the same time).
  • Possibility to perform discriminated cycle.
  • Modular system scalable up to 4 vacuum test chambers machine (modules).
  • Each test chamber is composed of two half chambers, upper and lower, and the flow plate is placed on a movable fixture between these two half chambers.
  • The test fixtures consist of removable and exchangeable back plates on the upper and lower half chambers containing sealings which comply with the component’s pattern and make tightness against each of the 3 circuits (H2, Cooling, Air).
  • Multiple step-by-step integral measurements: from anode / cathode / cooling towards each other (internal leak) and towards the outside (external leak) to the test chamber.
  • Manual loading system taking into account ergonomic design.
  • Machines can be upgraded for automatic loading/unloading by robot or pick & place system.
  • Productivity depending on the grade of automation and machine design.
  • Several options available: DMC reading, laser marking, label printing, etc.
  • Maintenance friendly and accessible machine design.
  • Easy calibration using calibrated leaks.
  • Helium recovery system available as option.

Key features

  • Full traceability of the tested component.
  • Ready for MES communication.
  • Test methods: He leak test in vacuum chamber.
  • Standardized process and control technology.
  • Very low leak threshold detectable.
  • Helium leak test bench for PEM fuel cell has no environment influence.
  • High productivity: 2 flow plates for each vacuum chamber.
  • Scalability according to the size of the test specimen.
  • Modular test station: up to 4 chambers.
  • Manual as well as automatic loading/unloading.
  • Helium leak test bench for PEM fuel cell can also be customized.
  • Customized, easy changeable and scalable test fixture (e.g. sealings, couplers, tooling).
  • Global know how from one source supplier.

Application areas

  • Quality assurance measurement and inspection
  • Manufacturing of flow plates
  • Manufacturing of single and bipolar plates
  • Manufacturing of fuel cells
  • Manufacturing of electrolyzer

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