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Fuel Cell Poisoning Module

  • Designed to test PEM fuel cell catalyst poisoning and enables reproducible and accurate investigations from 1 ppm concentration of poisoning gas
  • Two step mixing possible
  • Connects to existing testing equipment
  • Multiple gas streams or a liquid stream possible
  • This fuel cell poising module is ideally suited for the testing of contamination effects in fuel cells.


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Working with Leancat

Leancat is a specializes in fuel cell testing equipments and services. Leancat has know-how based on long-term R&D and application of fuel cell technology. Cooperation partners and customers includes recognized research institutes and companies in Europe, USA and Asia.

Fuel Cell Poisoning Module description

  • Permits simultaneous dosing of a precise amount of different poisoning of gases into a fuel cell stack anode or cathode working gas flow.
  • Liquid poisoning substance can be mixed into a fuel cell working gas.
  • Wide range of poisoning gas concentrations of 1 ppm to 10 ppt at a minimum working gas mass flow of 100 mln/min.

Key benefits

  • Designed test PEM fuel cell catalyst poisoning
  • Enables reproducible and accurate investigations from 1 ppm concentration of poisoning gas
  • The module can be connected and controlled by Leancat test bench automaton system or customer’s own existing test bench via OPC UA server
  • The system of mixer makes use of the advanced mixing technology is capable of achieving 1 ppm concentration in the whole flow range > 100 mln/min

Application areas

  • Research of catalyst poisoning
  • Real life testing of fuel cell technology

Fuel cell poisoning module implementation circuit diagram

Fuel Cell poisoning module implementation circuit

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Leancat FC Poisoning Module Datasheet

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    Leancat s.r.o. develops and manufactures professional fuel-cell testing equipment. Building on extensive knowledge from the development and application of fuel cell technology, we can offer customers from both academia and industry a wide portfolio of fuel cell test stations for PEM fuel cells and SOFC. Standard configurations cover power ranges from 100 W to 20 kW and we offer a variety of customization options based on the requests of our customers.

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