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Condition Monitoring Sensors for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Industry

  • Condition monitoring sensors for hydrogen and fuel cell industry records various physical variables such as vibration,  temperature, humidity and air pressure in one device.
  • It supplies the desired data to a higher-level system via    IO-Link.
  • The sensor can be parameterized conveniently thanks to the standardized IO-Link protocol.
  • This sensor makes a significant contribution to the efficient and trouble-free operation of every plant and significantly increases the effectiveness of the entire plant.
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Condition monitoring sensors for hydrogen and fuel cell Industry

  • Avoid unscheduled stops and faults in your hydrogen and fuel cell production process by using this intelligent sensor.
  • It provides you with condition information of all of your manufacturing machines, like mixers, coating machines, calanders, dryers, etc.
  • The sensor consequently helps you to automate cost-intensive manual inspections and prevents you from unplanned machine downtimes.
  • This condition data is also an essential component for implementing smart and flexible manufacturing – a key to IIOT.
  • Additionally, you can use automated monitoring of measurement or processing variables to define limit values for pre- or main alarms. This generates warning messages, alerting you when problematic events occur.

Product features

  • Multiple measurements in one device: vibration, temperature, relative humidity, air pressure
  • Compact design for restricted spaces
  • Quick to connect and easy to integrate via IO-Link
  • Flexible process data design for simultaneous transmission of several variables
  • Configurable events and status displays
  • Self-awareness functions for sensor self-monitoring


  • Hydrogen Industry
  • Fuel cell

Condition monitoring sensors for hydrogen and fuel cell Industry – Demonstration

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    Balluff GmbH

    Balluff is a medium-sized family-owned company that was founded in 1921. With more than 60 years of experience in sensor technology, Balluff is a global leader and one of the most competent manufacturers of sensor and automation technology. The company offers a broad portfolio of high-quality sensors, identification and image processing solutions including network technology and software for all automation requirements in the hydrogen and fuel cell industry.

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