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Manual On Tank Valve

  • Nominal Pressure 300 – 700 bar
  • Includes Temperature Pressure Release Device
  • Includes manual shut off
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The Manual On Tank Valve is attached to a high- pressure hydrogen tank that stores the hydrogen used to power fuel cell vehicles at a maximum of 87.5 MPa. The valve measures the temperature of the gas inside the tank and has the function to safely release the gas from the tank through a Temperature pressure release device (TPRD) at 110°c outer temperature.

The valve can be closed manually with a manual stop valve.  In closed position the inlet and outlet pressure are blocked. In case of pipeline rupture after the MOTV an excess flow valve reduces the maximum outcoming flow.

Anleg Manual Tank Valve Dimensions



Connector Threading

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Max Pressure (in bar)

Max Ambient Temperature (in °C)

Min Ambient Temperature (in °C)

Nom Pressure (in bar)


Nom. Tank Pressure (in bar)



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