Hydrogen Tank End Plug VTI K906

by VTI Ventil Technik GmbH

  • H2 Thermal Pressure Relief Device (TPRD) to protect hydrogen fuel systems
  • VTI K906 hydrogen tank end plug is ECE R134 approved
  • Relief temperature: 110°C
  • Working pressure: 700 bar
  • Working temperature: between -40°C to +85°C
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Hydrogen Tank End Plug VTI K906

What is the purpose of our End Plug?

  • VTI’s UN ECE R134 approved K906 End Plug is a safety device for hydrogen cylinder systems and prevents explosions of hydrogen filled cylinders in case of vehicle fires.

How does it work?

  • When the temperature at the system to the Thermal Pressure Relief Device (TPRD) reaches minimum 110 degrees for a defined time period, the glass bulb inside the End Plug bursts and triggers the TPRD to activate.
  • The TPRD then opens and reliefs the hydrogen in a controlled manner through an external vent line.

Our mission with the End Plug?

  • Manufacturing a best-in-class quality safety device for H2 applications with the aim of increasing the safety of hydrogen systems on the market!

Key Features

  • One design for all pressure ranges up to 700 bar
  • 360° rotatable and removeable vent line connection port for fast and flexible installation
  • Visible glass bulb for faster heat detection and quality control
  • Easy and T-less connections to other End Plug TPRDs


  • Automotive industry
  • Cylinder systems for trucks / busses
  • Hydrogen transport / storage systems
  • Hydrogen filling stations

hydrogen tank end plug- VTI- Hyfindr

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      VTI Ventil Technik GmbH

      VTI is a global high-pressure valve technology company based in Menden, Germany. We develop and produce high-pressure valves and regulators to control various gases to ultimately protect and save lives. VTI has been active in the CNG market for more than 20 years with TPRD technology and will complete its product portfolio in the H2-TPRD area.

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