VOSS Pressure Regulator Unit

  • Installation space-optimized
  • Mechanical pressure regulator unit for hydrogen applications
  • Integrated pressure relief valve
  • Integrated sensors
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VOSS pressure regulator unit

  • Realization of different output pressures of the control unit and activation pressures of the pressure relief valve.
  • Installation space-optimized
  • Mechanical pressure regulator for hydrogen applications with integrated relief valves and sensors.
  • High-pressure side:
    • Sensor working range: 0-1000 bar.
    • Nominal pressure: 700 bar/15 °C (maximum working pressure 875 bar/85 ° C).
    • Port VOSSLok40 MM06 (metallic sealing).
  • Low-pressure side with pressure relief valve:
    • Sensor working range: 0-25 bar.
    • Nominal pressure:  8 bar +/-1 bar (7 bar to 18 bar possible).
    • Port: VOSS Lok 40 MM12 (metallic sealing).
    • Set pressure relief device on venting side PRV: 11 +/-1 bar (9 bar to 20 bar possible).



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Weight0.360 kg
Dimensions12.6 × 3 × 9.7 cm
Max Ambient Temperature (in °C)

Min Ambient Temperature (in °C)

Max Pressure (in bar)

Max Mass Flow (in g/s)

Nom Pressure (in bar)



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