Hydrogen Back Pressure Regulators Equilibar® GSD and LF Series

by Richards Industrials

  • Hydrogen back pressure regulators GSD and LF series have a unique design that offers superior precision and instantaneous response to process fluctuations
  • The multi-orifice fluid path is advantageous especially for low flow rates, gas, and mixed phase fluids
  • Can handle corrosive media, and extreme temperatures
  • Precise pressure control for H2 and O2 gas streams in electrolysis. LF and small GSD sizes are used in lab scale processes.
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Hydrogen back pressure regulators Equilibar® GSD and LF series

  • Equilibar GSD and LF  series back pressure valves control their inlet pressure to regulate the upstream process by opening up only as much as necessary to hold back the desired pressure at the inlet.
  • The LF Series are part of Equilibar’s patented multi-orifice design, in which more orifices open up as needed to accommodate increasing flow requirements. This design offers the highest possible precision in multi-phase flow applications.
  • The GS Series back pressure regulators are used for gas, liquid or mixed phase fluid control and are ideally sized for pilot plant or manufacturing scale applications. They range in port size from 1/4″ to 1″.
  • LF regulators come in 1/16″, 1/8″, and 1/4″ port sizes, designed for lab scale processes.

Key features

  • The Equilibar valve is a dome-loaded pressure regulator with pilot operation. This means that gas or air is fed into the top (dome) area of the regulator to provide the pressure setpoint for the process.
  • The multi-orifice fluid path offers superior precision especially for low flow rates, gas and mixed phase fluids, corrosive media, and extreme temperatures.
  • Unique supple diaphragm is the only moving part, resulting in frictionless operation and instantaneous response to changes in process flow or pressure conditions.
  • Easily automated using an electronic pressure regulator to set the setpoint for the dome-loaded operation
  • Provides excellent pressure control of H2 and O2 gas streams in water electrolysis, level control of alkaline solutions, and can be used for flow control

Application areas

  • Equilibar back pressure regulators are used for precision pressure control of gas streams in the electrolysis process. The dome-loaded design can facilitate pressure control of each stream, or dP control between the two streams
  • Electrolyzer Back Pressure Control
  • High dp flow control

Hydrogen Back pressure electrolysis with Equilibar BPR

Hydrogen Back Pressure Regulators Equilibar Product Demonstration


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Equilibar Hydrogen Back Pressure Regulators GS series

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Equilibar Hydrogen Back Pressure Regulators LF series

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Equilibar Hydrogen Back Pressure Regulators GS series


Equilibar Hydrogen Back Pressure Regulators GS series


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      Richards Industrials

      Richards Industrials is the parent company to Equilibar and LowFlow Valves.

      Equilibar® dome-loaded, multiple orifice back pressure regulators work in a different way, providing solutions for demanding fluid control challenges. They are easily automated and respond in milliseconds to accurately maintain control, making them ideal for challenging electrolysis and fuel cell applications. Their unique design allows them to precisely control pressure across a wide range of flow rates for gas, liquid and mixed phase fluids.

      LowFlow Valve is an industry leader in precision fractional flow products used to control the flow of liquids and gases across a diverse range of industrial applications. They are designed to control pressure or flow at tight tolerances while under extreme circumstances.

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