Hydrogen Back Pressure Regulators Equilibar® BD Series

  • Equilibar BD hydrogen back pressure regulators have a unique design that offers superior precision and instantaneous response across a wide range of flow rates
  • The multi-orifice fluid path is advantageous especially for gas and mixed phase fluids
  • This regulator has high sensitivity in the low to mid pressure ranges
  • Designed for the ultra-wide flow rate requirements of the fuel cell testing industry
  • Automation is easy using an electronic pressure controller to set the pressure setpoint of the Equilibar BD dome-loaded regulator
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Hydrogen back pressure regulators Equilibar BD series

  • Equilibar BD Series back pressure valves, with pipe sizes from 1.5″ (DN40) up through 4″ (DN100), handle higher flow applications.
  • BD valves are used for gases, liquids, and mixed phase applications.
  • External elbows are attached to the bottom to save significant space compared to side-ported cylindrical designs.
  • In Hydrogen industry, BD valves provide stable stack pressures through ultra wide flow rate ranges required for fuel cell testing.

Key features

  • The Equilibar valve is a dome-loaded pressure regulator with pilot operation. This means that gas or air is fed into the top (dome) area of the regulator to provide the pressure setpoint for the process.
  • The unique Equilibar design with multi-orifice fluid path offers superior precision especially for low flow rates, gas and mixed phase fluids, corrosive media, and extreme temperatures.
  • The supple diaphragm is the only moving part, resulting in frictionless operation and instantaneous response to changes in process flow or pressure conditions.
  • Equilibar BD regulators are easily automated using an electronic pressure regulator to set the setpoint for the dome-loaded operation
  • Fuel cell testing systems benefit from the high sensitivity of the Equilibar BD in the low to mid pressure ranges that is hard to find in most competitive products.
  • The Equilibar BD regulators have an incredible 1000:1 flow rate turn-down ratio and can provide stable stack pressures through ultra-wide flow rate ranges required for rigorous test protocols.
  • Gas flow rate control in this hydrogen back pressure regulator is possible down to below 1 ml/minute.

How it works

  • Simply load the hydrogen back pressure regulator with a pilot pressure equal to your desired back pressure and the Equilibar valve does the rest.
  • This pressure forces the flexible diaphragm down onto a plate of orifices. A rise in inlet pressure lifts the diaphragm up to allow excess pressure to be relieved through the outlet orifices.
  • Similarly, a loss of pressure at the inlet causes the diaphragm to be pushed closer to the orifices, restricting flow and rebuilding pressure upstream.

Fuel cell testing

  • The Equilibar BD series hydrogen back pressure regulator is an excellent fit for fuel cell testing systems. An Equilibar BD is used to control the outlet pressure of the fuel cell while it is being performance tested.
  • Customers choose Equilibar valves because they accurately maintain pressure from really low flow rates up to very high flow rates.
  • They work accurately at vey low pressures where fuel cells operate.
  • They can easily handle wet, hot, corrosive exhaust gases produced by the fuel cell.

Equilibar high pressure pressure regulator fuel cell testing

Application areas

  • Fuel cell test bench pressure control
  • Hydrogen fuel cell testing equipment
  • PEM fuel cell testing equipment
  • Fuel cell test equipment for SOFC

Project cases

  • Hydrogen fuel cell testing equipment
  • PEM fuel cell testing equipment
  • Fuel cell test equipment for SOFC

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  • Equilibar is your partner for hydrogen back pressure regulators. Contact us – we are looking forward to listen to your requirements.
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    Equilibar® dome-loaded, multiple orifice back pressure regulators work in a different way, providing solutions for demanding fluid control challenges. They are easily automated and respond in milliseconds to accurately maintain control, making them ideal for challenging electrolysis and fuel cell applications. Their unique design allows them to precisely control pressure across a wide range of flow rates for gas, liquid and mixed phase fluids.

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