Hydrogen High Performance Butterfly Valves- Series HG1

by GEFA Processtechnik GmbH

  • Proven and reliable design even high pressures
  • Sizes: DN 50 – DN 800
  • Pressure ratings: PN 6-40 / PS 25 or 40, ASME Cl 150/300
  • Temperature range: -50 °C to + 400 °C
  • Face-to-face dimension DIN EN 558 line 20, 25, 16 API 609 table 1
  • Approvals for the hydrogen sector: ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU Zone 0 IIC (hydrogen), TA-Luft VDI 2440 and ISO 15848-1, Firesafe ISO 10497
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High Performance Double Offset Wafer Butterfly Valves – Series HG1

    • The hydrogen valve can be customized to suit your application and requirements:
      • 9 different seat ring materials
      • Several cleaning standards, including for technical gases
    • Requirements for the hydrogen sector:
      • Tightness inside (absolutely tight)
      • Tightness outside (technically permanently tight)
      • High pressure resistance
      • Resistance to hydrogen embrittlement
    • Additional standards for hydrogen ball valves:
      • Special cleaning procedures
      • Separate assembly
      • Careful packaging
      • Clear labeling
    • Certificates / Approlvals:
      • PED 2014/68/EU, ATEX 2014/34/EU Zone 0 IIC, Fire Safe ISO 10497, TA-Luft, EC 1935/2004, FDA, USP Cl VI, SIL, and others – several cleaning standards, including for technical gases.

Certifications_Approvals H2

Key features

  • Automation:
    • Standard mounting flange according to EN ISO 5211
    • Direct actuator mounting without interruption of the stem
    • Variable and exchangeable for any actuator size
    • Actuator protection against leakage
  • Safety TA-Luft ISO 15848-1:
    • Stem sealing can be re-tensioned beneath the mounting flange; thus, it can be readjusted without dismounting the actuator.
  • Long service life:
    • The insert ring of the body efficiently protects the seat ring from the direct medium flow and prevents wear such as erosion and abrasion.
  • Reliability:
    • Reliable sealing against high pressures and low torques due to the double offset design.
    • Low wear switching characteristics.
  • Exact and variable: Face-to-face dimension: EN 558 line 20/25/16
  • Option: Design with groove / spring EN 1092, form D
  • Precise mounting: Easy mounting due to centring aids for all standard flanges.
  • Service-friendly: The axial centring of the stem can be reached easily and is prepared for later service.
  • Efficient and safe:
    • GEFA-MULTITOP Efficient automation with variable interface without interruption of the stem.
    • Pivoting angle limitation and optical position indicator at the stem prevents wrong position of the stem during servicing.
    • The cylindrical screws fix the mounting flange without transferring torques (driving torques).
    • The clamping sleeves guarantee a clearance-free connection between the mounting flange and the body and transfer the driving torques.

Technical specifications

  • Sizes: DN 50 – DN 800
  • Pressure ratings: PN 6 – 40, ASME Cl 150/300, PS 25 or PS 40
  • Temperature range: -50 °C to + 400 °C
  • Face-to-face dimension DIN EN 558 line 20, 25, 16 API 609 table 1
  • Connections:
    • Intermediate flange valve that can be flanged on both sides
    • Double flange variant


  • Body: 1.0619, 1.4408
  • Valve disc: 1.0619/nickel-plated, 1.4408, 1.4408/nitrated
  • Shaft: 1.4571
  • Seat ring: PTFE/glass, PTFE/1.4571/Graphite, PTFE/1.4571/nitrated + Graphite
  • Bearing bush: 1.4401/PFTE, 1.4571/nitrated
  • Package: PTFE, Graphite
  • Insert ring: C-steel, 1.4571
  • For other material requirements, please contact the Vendor!

Application areas

  • Production
    • Power-to-gas, electrolysis,
    • Steam reformation, Pyrolysis
  • Infrastructure
    • Gas pipelines
    • Gas storage
  • Applications
    • Transport-/distribution network
    • Commercial/industrial use

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  • GEFA Processtechnik is your reliable partner for hydrogen applications with extensive experience. Interested? Please contact the vendor by filling in the contact vendor form and request for quote form.
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Technical datasheet

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