Flow Control Valve LowFlow Mark 708 Series

  • The LowFlow flow control valve Mark 708 is a control valve providing accurate control on high pressure fractional flow applications
  • An excellent solution to applications that require critical control of liquid or gaseous hydrogen flow
  • Complete line of pneumatic and electrically actuated control valves designed to enhance performance to ensure precision control on your most critical micro flow applications
  • Optional side or top mounted positioner
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Flow Control Valve – Mark 708 Series

  • The LowFlow Mark 708 Series control valve was developed to provide accurate control for high pressure fractional flow applications.
  • Pneumatic and electrically actuated control valves designed to enhance performance to ensure precision control.
  • Cv’s ranging from 1e-5 to 4.0 (9e-5 to 3,4 Kv) in line sizes 1/4″ through 1″ (DN8 through DN20)
  • Quick change option for applications requiring frequent trim changes without disturbing the actuator setting.

Key features

  • Bolted body connection – for ease of maintenance
  • Quick change trim – eliminates stroke adjustment when changing trim
  • Guided trim – extended orifice and plug guiding are standard
  • Rolling diaphragm – ensures that the effective diaphragm area remains relatively constant, regardless of stem position. This increases accuracy of the actuator when positioning the valve by ensuring a linear response to input signal changes.
  • Spring-loaded TFE/Chevron packing – the spring-loaded packing maintains a proper compression, while minimizing excessive friction. This alleviates the need for most field adjusting. The TFE packing is suitable for temperatures to 450°F (232°C), while braided or Graphite/Grafoil may be used for higher temperature requirements.
  • Threaded bonnet for quick disassembly
  • Secondary stem connection eliminates stroke adjustment when changing trim
  • Flow control valve has an optional side mounted or top mounted positioner

Application areas

  • Hydrogen fuel cell test systems

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LowFlow Flow Control Valve (Mark 708 Series) Datasheet


LowFlow Flow Control Valve (Mark 708 Series) Installation Guide

Installation and maintenance guide

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    Richards Industrials

    Richards Industrials is the parent company to Equilibar and LowFlow Valves.

    Equilibar® dome-loaded, multiple orifice back pressure regulators work in a different way, providing solutions for demanding fluid control challenges. They are easily automated and respond in milliseconds to accurately maintain control, making them ideal for challenging electrolysis and fuel cell applications. Their unique design allows them to precisely control pressure across a wide range of flow rates for gas, liquid and mixed phase fluids.

    LowFlow Valve is an industry leader in precision fractional flow products used to control the flow of liquids and gases across a diverse range of industrial applications. They are designed to control pressure or flow at tight tolerances while under extreme circumstances.

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