Customized Valves for Thermal Management Applications

by VOSS Fluid GmbH

  • Our customized valves are ideal for thermal management of fuel cell applications
  • Broad spectrum of expertise: mechanically, pressure, thermally and electrically actuated valves
  • Modular design concept for individual requirements
  • In-house developed actuators with tailor-made communication protocols
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VOSS’s customized valves for thermal management

  • Our valves transport a wide variety of media, such as compressed air, fuel, cooling water and hydraulic oil.
  • Our broad spectrum of expertise ranges from mechanically to pressure actuated and from thermally to electrically actuated valves with in-house developed actuators.
  • Integration of VOSS quick connect systems is possible.
  • Combination with customer-specific manifolds and connectors possible.
  • Easy integration into function-integrated system solutions
  • Temperature range (depending on material, medium and sealing): -40 °C to +140 °C
  • Max. operating pressure (depending on material, medium and sealing): up to 3.5 bar


  • Minimal leakage flows (down to < 0.05 l/min depending on valve type)
  • Precise flow and temperature control
  • Continuous position monitoring
  • Low pressure drop
  • Possible materials: plastic

Application areas

  • Thermal management of fuel cell mobile / stationary
  • Thermal management of BEV
  • Cooling of stationary energy storage systems
  • Water control of electrolyzes

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Min Ambient Temperature (in °C)

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