Cone Check Hydrogen Valve

  • Realiable cone check hydrogen valve with compatible soft sealing system for hydrogen applications.
  • With a 4M to 16M connection, medium pressure applications up to 22,500 psi (1.550 bar) are possible.
  • It has a improved spring guide to improve the performance.
  • It can be operated up to the pressure of 1550 bar.
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Cone check hydrogen valve

  • Cone check hydrogen valve is specially for hydrogen applications, where best of class sealing ability is required, Maximator developed their cone check valve series design with a highly media compatible soft sealing system and improved spring guide.
  • This series is available for medium pressure applications up to 22,500 psi (1.550 bar) with 4M to 16M connection.

Key features

  • The product is made of two materials. The sealing cone of the body is 1.4404 (SST 316L) and seal is made of PEEK.
  • Soft sealing system
  • Improvised spring guide
  • Operating pressure of 1550 bar


There are different connectors for this product resulting in different versions.

  • 21CC4M – 4M connection type with opening pressure of 0.4 bar
  • 21CC6M – 6M connection type with opening pressure of 0.4 bar
  • 21CC9M – 9M connection type with opening pressure of 0.1 bar
  • 21CC12M – 12M connection type with opening pressure of 0.1 bar
  • 21CC16M – 16M connection type with opening pressure of 0.1 bar

Please refer datasheet for further information.


  • General hydrogen use
  • Medium pressure panels
  • Medium pressure fluid handling systems
  • Testing application

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Cone check hydrogen valve

Product datasheet

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