High Performance Ball Valves – H6800 Series

by UCT Fluid Solutions

  • The H6800 series is a high-performance instrumentation ball valve for general service and instrumentation panels.
  • The flexible design of the H6800 series (three pieces: body and two connections), provides a variety of body sizes, different actuators, many end connection types, and three flow patterns (Straight, Angle, 3- way).
  • The H6800 series is compatible with ISO 15848 standard. “Industrial valves measurement, test and qualification procedure for fugitive emissions”
  • Compatible with CNG / NGV with ECE R110-type approval.
  • The H6800 series has a wide range of pressures (up to 6000 psi /413 bars) and temperatures (up to 500°F /260°C).
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High Performance Ball Valves – H6800 Series

  • The H-6800 Series is a high performance instrumentation ball valve for general service and instrumentation panels. The valves offer a tight shut-off*, long-life service and a low operating torque. The H-6800 Series is rated to max. 6000psig and performs on/off or as a diverter service.
  • The H-6800 design has been tested for burst and proof. Standard testing for each H-6800 valve includes testing with nitrogen at 80 & 1000 psig. Each valve is tested for leakage through the shell, packing and ball seats. The maximum allowable leakage across the ball seats is 0.1 std cc/min.

Key features

  •  Available in 316 stainless steel and brass, alloy 400 and C-276 upon request
  • On/off-service ball valve with 2-way pattern
  • Diverter-service ball valve with 3-way pattern
  • Variety of end connection types and sizes from 1/16” to 3/4” (3mm to 18mm)
  • Different seat types: MODIFIED PTFE, PCTFE and PEEK
  • Ease of use – low operating torque, panel mountable, easy maintenance
  • Integral Safety Lock-out Tag-out (ISLT) compact patented handle allows a simple application of valve lock and tagging policy.
  • Operating with colored nylon/metal handles, indicates flow direction
  • Available manually, pneumatically, and electrically actuated
  • Service – High cycle and great leak integrity
  • Compact – Low profile and small actuators

Product charts

High-Performance Ball Valves - H6800 Series - Pressure temperature graph


Application areas

  • Electrolysis
  • Electricity generation wind and solar
  • Hydrogen storage
  • Fuel cell stations

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High-Performance Ball Valves - H6800 Series catalogue

Product datasheet

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