Quick Connect System 246AX

by VOSS Fluid GmbH

  • Quick connect system that connects polyamide tubes and hoses.
  • Axial clip for tight sealing under connecting profile
  • Fir-tree connection to the plastic tube
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VOSS Quick Connect System 246AX

VOSS quick connect system 246AX enables quick and safe assembly of fuel and hydrogen lines.

  • Metal quick connections and adapters
  • Fir-tree connection to the plastic tube
  • With one O-ring for diesel and biodiesel, with two O-rings for gasoline/ethanol and hydrogen
  • Port acc. to VOSS standard
  • Nominal sizes 8 and 12, further sizes coming soon
  • Temperature range -40°C to +100°C
  • Operating pressure max. 10 bar, higher pressures upon request


  • The connection of QC system 246AX  is made by inserting the connecting port, while paying attention to the assembly instructions.
  • The retaining clip locks behind the flange of the connecting port. The connection is completely assembled and tight.


  • The quick connect system is made of plug in straight and 90 degree elbow design, a retaining clip with rubber strap and an O –  ring.
  • The plug is suitable for connecting nylon tubes or rubber hoses. A drawing with tolerances of the connecting port can be provided if required. Connecting ports and adapters should preferably be made of brass or steel. Depending on operating conditions, ports and adapters made of aluminium or nylon are possible.

Key Benefits

  • Quick and safe assembly and disassembly
  • System specific connection profile 246 allows for low heights of ports and adapters

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Max Ambient Temperature (in °C)

Min Ambient Temperature (in °C)

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Voss Quick Connectot 246 AX

Detailed instruction of the product assembly

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